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The CL Loan takes over credit management and debt collection. Clinical Lending Solutions: Loans CL - Credit Management Software Their expectation is that credit managers will be able to manage their loans flexibly and tailor them to their needs. In order to be competitive, finance service providers need a reliable, scaleable and adaptable credit system that is both reliable, resilient and cost-effective. The CL Loan is a full-featured, responsive loan processing solution that fully integrates loan settlement and payment, collection processing and bookkeeping on a single rugged, resilient and highly secured solution.

Clinical Lending Solutions: Originate CL - Loan origination software for loans

Client relations are the cornerstone of the bank's business. Long-term client loyalties, however, are compromised by on-line creditors who promise better services and lower cost. Finance innovations are crucial if a bank is to lower its lending cost. Bankers must preserve their "Customer First" edge by delivering better consumer experience that reduces exposure and streamlines lending.

The right technologies enable banking organizations to increase client profitability, reduce cost, better address risk and react more quickly to changes. Originate is a next-generation lending and subscription solution that meets the bank's need for automatic decision making and loan handling.

Clinical Lending Solutions: Collection CL - Collection software for loans

Today, creditors are spending a great deal of patience, efforts and resource tracking payment with the borrower, from repeating follow-up actions to employing debt collectors to run the business. Creditors need a technological approach to automate and organize their debt recovery strategy, keeping an eye on the delinquents and making the debt recovery processes transparent.

The CL Collelections solution is an innovative debt enforcement solution that allows creditors to manage and streamline their debt recovery process, optimize interactions across all payment streams, and reduce technology, operations and maintenance overhead.

New Cloud Lending Solutions procures $8 million financing round

Kloud Loading Solutions started with a easy revelation. The old finance technologies are not suited for next generations of credit transactions that are data-driven and require ease, less frictions and less visibility. Credit companies around the globe want to use cloud technologies to quickly innovate and provide a simpler borrowing environment.

The Cloud provides the right level of support at the right times. Today Cloud Living is serving clients in more than 20 different nations. NASDAQF and legacy credit providers use our technologies to securely and reliably provide credit solutions that reduce cost, drive revenues and exceed competition. Cloud crediting is taking a big chunk out of the $800 billion credit cake as the phenomena of credit granting take on an ever larger part.

Alternatives have become more important by making funding more accessible and cheap for borrower groups and more predictable and profitable for investor groups. Cloud labelling offers multiple frontlines from market place credit to on-line credit for business and consumers: We' ve developed these kinds of things to stand up to a surging wave:

Private and commercial credit is rapidly transforming into a non-bank lender. The times of year-round project developments and huge budget surpluses are over, only to lead new credit transactions to success. Few firms in today's fast-moving financial market have the endurance for long maturities. That' why they look at the cloud.

Dealstruck entered the credit sector because they saw a straightforward problem: small companies could not find fast, honest and clear ways to finance themselves. The Cloud Loading business unit was instrumental in helping Dealstruck bring its solution to time. The creation of back-office operations such as origin, endorsement, finance and service used to be a complicated and costly business, but clients such as Dealstruck are usually on-line in less than 90 businessdays with customised credit arrangements.

This means that these bazaar financiers can begin to generate revenues almost immediately by deploying agile rapid implementation and changeable SaaS offerings. SF Capital Group Chairman Neil Wolfson said, "We believe that the size, breadth and expansion of the credit alternatives industry would not be possible without this kind of forward-looking approach.

According to him, the SaaS credit markets are transforming credit institutes of all sorts. "With cloud computing continuing to grow and bringing unmatched value to the business, more and more companies will choose next-generation technologies and abandon inheritance systems," he said. Wolfson, who sits on our executive committee, has been inviting alternate creditors everywhere to "go into the futures of finance".

" We' re glad he's giving it his sense of purpose. And as we all move forward into the distant future, I want to reassure creditors of all kinds that we will keep developing ways to address the singular needs of this fast moving market.

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