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Individuals who are rejected for a mortgage or other loan are often subject to the growing tendency of creditors to use credit bureaus to make a credit choice. Because of the enormous increase in defaults in recent years, more and more commercial banking companies, home loan and savings associations and other finance companies have turned to these agents to obtain information about their prospective customers.

CCN Credit Systems and Equifax Europe, the two leaders in the credit benchmark markets, both have access to credit information on approximately 44 million Britons. Anyone over 18 who's on the voter roll probably has a record. Any credit agreement that a CCN customer has with a CCN customer is recorded in the record.

Examples could range from credit card, debit card, lease and even club and company memberships. You can also find debt that the client did not recognise when you applied for a new credit line from the creditor. The Barclays Group uses information from the two credit bureaus for all its credit requests.

The information that the agency provides to us will help us know if there are any other issues that we should ask, or if we need more information before making a final choice. "Mr Sinclair said that an unfavourable record in a personnel record does not necessarily mean that the client would not receive the requested credit line.

"At times, there are good grounds for human beings to get into money trouble," he said. "At the end of the strikes and when the workers went back to work, many had trouble getting credit because of these records in their credit records. Claimants who encounter unwanted items with which they do not agree have the right to request amendment or deletion.

"In the past year, only 0.02 percent of the hundred thousand individuals to whom we have sent data have returned with requests. "And I think that demonstrates that there are enough security measures in place to ensure that as few mistakes as possible appear in people's records. "¬°Alasdair Warwood, a CCN executive said he felt that the credit agency roll was a good one.

"Most of the information we provide to creditors is good.

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