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Chinaman dogs owner gave away welfare credits to keep them in line.

Jinan, an East China town, has implemented a Civilized Dog-Raising Credit Score System to evaluate responsibility-holders. Last year's system gives holders a "license" with points that can be subtracted if the owner does not keep the lead or causes problems for the people. This system seems to be efficient as more and more owner have put their animals on a lead and tidied up after them.

Over the past few years, China has implemented several societal rankings, among them an application in Shanghai that evaluates people's sincerity, and a bike-sharing site that encourages good manners. It is also preparing for its compulsory system of credit, which will supervise the behaviour of its whole populace by 2020.

Clear behind them. Those are the regulations that were implemented last year in Jinan, East China, where the Civilized Dog-Raising Credit Score System was established to promote good governance of dogs, Sixth Tone said. In recent years, China has implemented several societal rankings schemes, among them an application in Shanghai that assesses people's sincerity and a bike share sharing site that rewarders for good behaviour.

In particular, China is developing a binding nationwide system of rankings that monitors the behaviour of its vast populations and assesses them all according to their "social creditworthiness". Jinan's dogs credit system is similar to the other rankings spread across the nation and is aimed at improving people's behaviour.

Commenced in January 2017, the programme is mandatory and gives registrated breeders a licence starting with 12 points, according to Sixth Tone. Scores are subtracted for things like going with the dogs without a lead or necklace, not tidying up after them and disturbing the neighbourhood. Doing good things, such as voluntary work in a community sanctuary, can raise the points of the owner.

Meanwhile, in August, government agencies said that 80% of pet owner now use lead, according to the Sixth Tone, and complaint about teeth bit ing/barking was reduced by 65%, the state China Daily said in August. More than 1,400 pet owner have also been subject to fines or points on their licence since the system was implemented.

Sixth Tone was informed by a lokal hound holder that the animal had been inoculated, microchipped and photographed when his hound registered. A QR label was then given to the holder, allowing the law to determine the race, date, vaccination level, as well as the owner's details and number of licence points.

The state-run daily Legal Daily commended the credit system and demanded its implementation throughout the state. At Qingdao, along the Shandong coastline, residents are only permitted one per capita and certain breed of dogs are prohibited. China's authorities have also taken far-reaching steps to supervise their people and promote good behaviour.

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