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Advance payment | Help and technical assistance

Where do I get off telling you I'm going home? When you have a Advance Counter and are relocating, or when you have relocated to a house that has one of our Advance Counters, please provide us with your information using our Advance Counter Relocation Forms. How do I get a new Electronic Signature or a new credit or debit transfer?

In case you have forgotten your credit or debit cards, or if you have not recieved the credit or debit cards we sent you, you can get a new one by completing our on-line contact page, @EONhelp twittering, Facebook search or call 0345 303 3040. If I think my counter costs too much cash, what should I do?

You' ll find that in winters you have to put more into your prepay meters because you use more light, heat and equipment. When you want to cut the amount of cash you put into your counter, we can give you useful advice on how to save electricity, or you can call us on 0345 303 3040.

In case you are indebted to your advance payment counter, you must cover the monthly amount plus the fee for the consumed power. Keep in mind that if you don't recharge your pre-payment counter for a whole weekend, your counter will need more next year. We can also verify your preferences if you are still worried that your counter is costing too much to use.

First take the measured values from your counter and then get in touch with us. Instead, can I exchange my prepay meters for a credit counter? To have your pre-payment counter deleted, you must complete a credit review, create a standing debit and settle all your pending amounts on your bankroll.

Changing your counter is free of cost - to talk about replacing your counter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If I have a prepay knife, why do I have an open loan or credit? Advance payment account may have a liability or loan for the following reasons: When you think that the fault or credit is wrong, first try to collect the following information:

As soon as you have this information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. If I have a payment counter, why do I still get invoices? If my credit is not transferred to my counter, what can I do? When you have put cash on your keys or your cards, but this is not a transfer to your meter: Attempt to wipe the unit with a clean, dried towel and then insert the wrench or memory cartridge again.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if it still does not work. Where and how can I recharge my pre-payment counter? Deposit funds on your keys or cards at any petrol pump or business where you see PayPoint or Payzone signage, or at any post office that participates. To find the closest online merchant for recharging, use our Payment Stores locator utility.

As soon as you find the closest recharge point, simply complete these simple procedures to top up your pre-payment counter. Give your keys or cards to the seller and ask for a recharge up to the value you want. As soon as you have made your payment, take your keys or cards, put them in your machines and put in your new balance.

If you put your keys or your credit cards into your measuring device at home, your credit will be remitted. Will my counter accumulate debts and basic fees? Yes, your electric meters are collecting fees and debts every day, even if no power has been consumed. Ensure that enough credit is placed on the instrument to meet these costs.

Failure to do so will cause your counter to run into debts, which will be recovered the next times you put cash on your counter. Is it possible to top up my credit with my friend's credit cards? Do not use someone else's keys or cards to buy power. When you put funds on another person's credit or debit cards, this transfer goes to their bank accounts, not yours, which means that your bank accounts are in trouble.

When your payment does not appear on your invoice, you will find the last recharge date for your advance payment counter and then please get in touch with us. Our rates rose on 1 October 2018, so you will pay the new rates if you recharge your counter for the first period after that date.

Yes, we have a payment prebooklet that you can find in our payment prehubs. Describes how to check my advance payment counter. Press the key to view your gauge by clicking the cyan key, which displays different setting each press of the key. In the case of a individual counter, the measured value is shown on the "H" indicator.

For an Economy 7 counter, the readings are "H" for the tag and "J" for the nigth. As a rule, older counters have the measured value on the front of the counter. With newer counters, push the'A' key until'Counter index' is shown on the display - the adjacent numbers are the counter state.

When you are registered with us and cannot find your MAPAN, you can also get in touch with us. How can I find my MPR (Gas Meters Ref. Number)? When you are already with us, take a look at your message and search for the metre point number.

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