Clear my Credit History

Delete my credit history

Their creditworthiness is a record of how they have dealt with credit in the past. How can I delete my name? QUESTION - I believe that the debt of former renters is affecting my creditworthiness.

Those before me who stayed here leave behind substantial debt and I have had a bailiff knock on my doors more than once. I have now been denied a mortgage and I am concerned that it is because the apartment where I am living has been blocked because of the debt of the former lessee.

How can I delete my name? And A: Debt is not associated with address, but only with the person who lends and the person who is connected to them. First, you should get in touch with all the guys who are tracking the defaults and tell them that the receivables have nothing to do with you at all.

Invite them to review their credit record and certify in written form that there is no information about you. Once you have done this, it may be useful to obtain a copy of your own credit history for your own use. Have you ever taken out a loan for commercial or private reasons, in the overwhelming majority of cases you will have a credit record of yourself kept somewhere.

Everyone can verify to see if they have a credit reference and what information it contains. Reviewing your own credit reports can be useful, not least to help you tackle any problems that may arise before you apply for your next loan, move home, or become the unhappy prey of ID scams or thefts.

Several credit bureaus will offer a first free credit reference on probation if you fill out a basic on-line application requestor. It shows your creditworthiness and gives you an idea of how prospective creditors can see you.

No, you don't own the debts.

There are certain conditions under which you can change or remove the item if you don't want to delay that long. Should you reimburse the claim in full within one calendar months of the date of the CCJ, you may request cancellation of the registration at the Registry for Judgments, Decisions and Fines.

Should you settle the debts you owed in full more than one months after receipt of the CCJ, you may request that the register be amended. Will not remove the item, but a notice will be made that the liability has been settled. That can make it easy for you to get credit from some creditors.

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