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After Gareth Bale's goal Denmark holds back in the hectic final| Football

It was a disappointing case for Wales of what could have been if their two aspirations for a play-off mooring for Euro 2020 and advancement to Group A had been dashed by a reckless and street-oriented Danish team. Jørgensen's Nicolai took the first shot and finished an expansive move that saw Denmark switch from one end of the field to the other in the twinkling of an eye before Martin Braithwaite went home the second minute before that.

Wales were not able to bring Denmark down for much of the match, but in the final seconds it caused a sensation and within seconds of Braithwaite's blow scored a backmark through Gareth Bale. However, the appearance of the forth officials stating that there were five extra minute raised the home fans, but Denmark are too good a side to make the same error twice.

Åge Hareide's side suffered only one loss in 24 games within 90min - an absurd loss to Slovakia when they were compelled to use a temporary side after a conflict between the teams and the Federation over trade marks - and it is hard to understand why they have such an impressive track-record.

Wales were well able to limit their chances of scoring in the second half and marginalise the impact of Bale, who only came to live in the last 15 min, and Aaron Ramsey, who was consistently beaten. Undoubtedly, it wasn't the kind of thrilling offensive Wales showed at home against Republic of Ireland a few month ago when a Rufow side broke through their rivals almost at will.

Brooks was a bubbling force here for Wales and wore a genuine menace whenever he took the shot, but there was not enough persuasion about the remainder of Ryan Giggs' side when they were attacking Denmark. Even though Denmark were the most experienced side, Wales will think about some important aspects that could have gone easy and altered the course of the match.

There was another crucial point nine moments before the end of qualifying when Kasper Schmeichel scored a superb parade to prevent Bale's free-kick and Wales from equalising. After the defeat, Wales had been compelled to follow the match just before the break, and it was a counterattack of the highest calibre. Damascus was placed in the perfect position to get the striker's release, and he skilfully chose Poulsen's run on the Danish side.

Poulsen's next passing for the first ever was the Killerball, which opened Wales up and revealed Chester's slow tempo and bad Position. Welsh reacted practically immediately after the kick-off as Bale and ran on to Ashley Williams' arithmetic passing, rounding off flattery and pushing himself into the empty net. There was a hectic final, but Denmark, tenacious and tough, stuck firm to keep the top place in the group.

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