Commercial Bank Loan Rates

Interest rates for commercial bank loans

The central banks usually lower interest rates in order to stimulate spending. Are you looking for a commercial mortgage? Loan with interest rate Fixed-rate loans keep your payment unchanged for up to ten years - and give you security by reducing your risk of floating interest rates and backing your long-term goals. They also have the option to pay back the loan prematurely, in full or in part without early repayment penalty (ERC).

For how long would you like to pay back the loan? What are the owners/directors and what kind of company is it? Furthermore, we need to determine the actual and past fiscal performances of your company. It is also necessary for us to know what your company has and what it has to ensure that your company is not excessively indebted and that you can administer the refunds.

Information on any real estate, investments, outstanding loan, mortgage, lease or other funds due. For further explanations, read our section on our basic principles of corporate financing. Certain credit option arrangements may involve the use of some type of collateral such as real estate, a director's warranty or other asset to ensure financing.

Loans at interest rates


When you need to finance investments, this flexibility but simplicity of corporate finance allows you to select the redemption schedule, and because the interest rates are set for an arranged maturity, you know exactly what your payment will look like over that time. As a rule, the redemption duration will depend on the lifetime of the assets you have purchased.

Commercial credits for corporates & commercial banking

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