Commercial Bridging Finance

Comercial bridging finance

TextRun SCX21406695 " lang="EN-GB" xml:lang="EN-GB">We provide a truly customized experience with full credit coverage. Offering industry-leading pricing and the quickest turnaround in the business. Allow Tiger Bridging to take your projects with you; no upfront charges - why not call us right away! Our services are truly tailor-made with full credit coverage.

Offering industry-leading pricing and the quickest turnaround in the field. That means that you can finance your projects even if you have been rejected by other creditors.

One of our clients owns an asset in a premium part of Central London worth 2.5m with an outstanding £500,000 mortgages. One of the builders contacted us to talk about a 550,000 housing redevelopment project. In two weeks, we provided a 70% LTV for 4 month, with the interest and the bulk of the fees being included in the credit.

We take the patience to fully comprehend our clients' needs and projects in order to offer the most appropriate financing solution. Under certain conditions, bridging credits can be obtained in only 48-72 hrs, depending on your specific needs, your loan provider and other outside conditions. Tiger Bridging works in a constantly evolving financial environment with industry knowledge and expertise, enabling us to find and organise financing solution for our clients' unique needs.

Credit periods vary between 1-24 month, with market-leading interest of 0.45% available.

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Customers, two commercial associates, are managing director of a number of companies located in a Welsh city. You are also a seasoned developer and landlord with a large, personal real estate investment book. To buy a run-down 2 apartment store above it, they wanted to transform it from a commercial entity into five HMOs and 2 retailers, one of which would accommodate theirs.

So they had money to transform the property and looked to buy it for £150k. Shawbrook also made us an option to take out @75% of OMV's 250k financier, which paid out the first dock leveller and released some capital. When you or one of your customers would like to set up the same projekt, please contact us.

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