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The new name for Blemain Finance and Lancashire Mortgage Corporation. After the June referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, some fear that this would lead to non-British bankers who would refuse to grant loans to them. After the June referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, some fear that this would lead to non-British bankers who would refuse to grant credit to them. In the first six-month period of 2016, lending volumes declined, but this was Europe-wide and probably not Brexit's fault.

However, the survey is upbeat about the outlook, with four-fifths of creditors predicting that credit will either stay unchanged or rise in the coming few weeks. Edward Daubeney, a principal of Cushman & Wakefield, said: Loan-to-value ratios fell below 60%, according to the findings of the study.

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BNP Paribas Real Estate helps you to better comprehend and minimise the exposure of your loan/mortgage collateral. If you want to achieve a dependable rate of return, you need to fully appreciate the associated costs and uncertainties. Produce high-quality credit and mortgage collateral reporting. It will help you better comprehend all the associated financial exposures.

With our regionally based team and research capabilities, we can advise you reliably across the entire real estate industry. Through our extensive knowledge of working with creditors, we can provide you with the information you really need to make a financial investment choice. Thanks to our many years of experiance in the domestic business, we can provide you with precise consulting at either domestic, provincial or even foreign levels.

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Significant commercial lending possibilities exist and if your clients wish to acquire commercial real estate or own their own offices, you have come to the right place. Mortgage Club is at your side with its knowledge in a constantly evolving world. Amendments to the subscription standard for Buy To Let mortgage agreements mean that you may need to look for alternate methodologies if your client fulfils the portfolio lessor requirement.

Since this is such a field, you should consider directing your clients to one of our specifically chosen affiliates, namely Umega, Synergy and Connect. They are all members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NAKFB) and are committed to being fair, honest and transparent. That means your clients get first rate services, some of the best fares, and an alternate revenue stream.

We have partnered with three of the market's leading commercial lending firms - Omega, Connect and Synergy - meaning you can provide your clients with some of the best interest rate options - while benefiting from an alternate revenue stream. Superior fee percentages. Selection from three independents with full entry to the markets.

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