Commercial Finance

Comercial financing

Members of the Kattener Commercial Finance practice represent creditors and debtors in complex financial transactions and advise banks, finance companies, funds, structured investment vehicles as well as public and private companies in a comprehensive, practical, innovative, creative and experienced manner. Offer your partners portfolio financing and asset-based credit solutions. The commercial finance sector requires a highly flexible and adaptable financing solution to meet changing demand, and bridging loans can provide this.

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Financial managers can concentrate on a particular project or provide wider policy guidance to help move the entire company forward, based on knowledge and type of company. Further tasks are to track and analyze distribution performance against objectives and highlight deviations, forecast prospective earnings, and develop new brands and promotional campaigns.

They must, however, be ready for an increasingly pressurised business climate in which every choice is mirrored in day-to-day business reporting.

Corporate Finance | Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Members of the Kattener Commercial Finance Praxis advise clients and borrowers on behalf of lenders and borrowers on behalf of their clients on behalf of their clients in connection with financial transaction and advise institutions such as financial institutions, financial institutions, funds, regulated assets as well as government and commercial enterprises in a comprehensive, innovative, experienced and hands-on manner. Relying on the Group' s broad and deep expertise and corporate know-how, as well as its diversified client base, broad range of markets and presence, and commercial focus, the Group is recognised for its ability to deliver a high level of service to its clients.

Customers included Lead Arrangers, Management Agent, Collateralised and Uncollateralised Bondholders, Owner Owners, Juniors and Borrower. Our Commercial Finance practice works in close collaboration with our other practice teams to produce in-depth and in-depth analysis on topics related to the banking sector, from taxation and healthcare supervision to insolvency and creditor law development.

Our partners in the areas of equity, healthcare, transaction tax planning, labour law and litigation, financial services and property work with us to formulate individual solutions to achieve our clients' individual corporate goals and advise them on all aspects of transactions. Our advice covers a variety of financing issues, including:

Katten's Commercial Finance practice has extensive expertise in the representation of various clients across the full range of equity structures, in the negotiation of credit and subordinated agreements and in advising on structural transactions.

DLL Commercial Financing

Offer your counterparties portfolio financing and asset-based loan financing options. Distinguish your company with a range of financing options for vendors, resellers and distributors. Take advantage of prolonged payables, line of credits, and loan security through capital employed to enhance your products' flows through the canal, maintain inventories, or fill your exhibit space for appliances without committing balances or line of credits.

Quickly build market-ready products with industry-specific finance professionals to meet your company's individual needs, objectives and objectives. Providing a complete set of end-to-end end-to-end finance products and service that covers the whole value added cycle from producer to consumer. Enhance your bottom line and concentrate on your expansion initiative by deploying streamlined and highly focused finance options to complete more transactions.

Provide your affiliates with a wide range of customized finance opportunities to help them improve their portfolio and improve liquidity. Adjust payment to your predicted future flows according to seasonal, commercial or commercial needs. Among the finance product are: Configure payment at the point of purchase to reflect the partner's own funds flows. Among the finance product are:

DLL's solution portfolio is complemented by Commercial Finance, which supports the complete selling lifecycle and delivery chains for vendors, from portfolio and receivables finance to ordering programmes and asset-based credit business. "Syngenta's distributors are able to buy more stock and put them in a better place to increase our turnover by leveraging our combined knowledge of products and markets".

"Commercial Finance] assists our traders in stockpiling a broad variety of our commodities in their display rooms and gives them the agility to meet the occasional fluctuations of the market". It is a zero-financing initiative, designed in collaboration with Degrocar's dealership chain, which allows its merchants (85% of which either lease or buy forklift trucks to their customers) to buy on loan, with Degrocar covering interest.

As well as the provision of new and used lease contracts, existing finance, hire pool finance and commercial lease contracts and loan facilities, DLL also works with Club Car to discover new relationships and finance the development of new areas outside its key market areas.

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