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Commercial Lending Training is a course organized by the five phases of the Lending Decision Process. It provides a systematic framework for assessing creditworthiness, structuring a loan and developing a sound understanding of credit to build solid business and business relationships. A series of hands-on exercises and case studies, Commercial Lending provides the reader with the tools necessary to understand and evaluate a client's business strategy.

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Representing creditors in: Working with our client base to determine their financing needs, our market-leading lawyers offer imaginative and cutting-edge advice and help build dealing groups from our diversified group - all with a strong emphasis on delivering outstanding, cost-effective work. In order to offer our clientele a comprehensive spectrum of commercial lending legal advice, our Commercial Lending lawyers work with members of our other renowned groups of lawyers dealing with company matters, insolvency and reorganisation, building, litigation, health care and property.

Some of the commercial loan advisory engagements offered by our lawyers included: - the following: Represented financiers in a variety of stock - and receivables-based finance deals in sectors such as health care, power, building and fabrication. Regarding these deals, we work in close cooperation with our ESOP lawyers to offer a full set of legal advice, covering the entire transaction, as well as all ESOP related issues such as the examination of all planning documentation and statements.

Recently, we acted for a state owned tennis court in Tennessee in conjunction with an $11 million ESOP levered loan facilities for a commercial building contractor in northern Georgia. Representing financiers who provide finance to the amusement sector with borrower types that range from stand-alone performers to publishers. Frequently backed by IP securities, these deals call for cross-practice cooperation between the groups.

The lawyers representing our clients are involved in a variety of financial operations in the health care sector, which include property, vendor, equipment and pharmaceuticals operations. Our expertise includes both taxpayer and tax-exempt as well as directly and sponsored supported transaction work. More than 36 full-time health lawyers bring a rich background in health financing to the law office, providing a truly unparalleled foundation of expertise and services.

As part of a recent deal, we acted for a state-chartered Ohio financial institution in conjunction with a $150 million US dollar revolving loan facilities to a Memphis-based behavioural health care firm operating in more than 10 countries. Represents creditors in relation to mortgages and building credits to hotels and restaurants. Recently, we acted for a state-chartered Tennessee banking house in conjunction with a $70 million US dollar revolving loan syndication to develop and build a Hilton and Marriott hotels in Nashville.

Recent deals in this area include representing a Nashville-based Meczanine Trust on a $20 million Meczanine loan facilities for a Californian building materials company, which involved a sophisticated option purchasing element and comprised several lenders, facilities and inter-lender arrangements for four installments of debts.

Our regular advisory activities include advising on debentures, hospitals, special taxation liabilities, pension liabilities, corporate distressed loans and many other kinds of hybrid notes. Among our clients are many government agencies, local governments, rural districts, college and university districts, health agencies, and specialized funding agencies for nursing homes, educational institutions, industry committees, airports, water, sewage and utilities committees, and other entities issuing tax-exempt and rateable instruments.

Our representation includes creditors in the context of a large number of acquisitions, developments and mortgages. At Wells Fargo Bank, we acted in conjunction with two building credits of $35 million and $33 million, respectively, for retirement homes in Tennessee and Georgia. In addition to our comprehensive experience in the field of property purchasing, we also advise our borrowers on a variety of different aspects of property law.

Our expertise includes acquisitions, building and developing as well as lending to a large number of commercial real estate assets, as well as funding. Represents creditors in relation to a broad range of revolving credit facilities across all sectors, encompassing agents and revolving credit providers. Our work ranges from domestic-syncretic transactions to locally negotiated "club deals" with joint ventures on issues that exceed the statutory credit limits of a single borrower.

Besides syndication, we routinely act on behalf of creditors in relation to the sale of parts of the loan via investment contracts. One new equity investment deal is the sale of a state-chartered banking entity in Mississippi to a residential property developer in Alabama in connection with a USD 15 million loan facility in which USD 7.5 million was transferred to a state-chartered banking entity in Alabama.

Some of our other unsecured derivative financial instruments are described in the Other Service section of this page.

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