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Advantage of repayment when you make money. When you need a financial shot in the arm to help your company grow, or when you need a small loan to support your bottom line, a Liberis Retail Banking Advance can give you the resources you need to give your company a push. Use our credit calculator to find out what your projected repayment schedule looks like and over what amount of timeframe.

Your results depend on your estimate of your cardholder income per month, the amount you need to propose, and the years you have been in your game. Deposits range from 2.5K to 300K according to your credit turnover. As we know, fixed one-month payment does not apply to every company, especially if your company has better results in certain periods of the year and calmer periods.

For this reason, our Business Cash Advance is a better choice for these companies, as the refunds are calculated on the basis of a percent of your total cardholder income, i.e. you repay while you are earning.

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Above mentioned loan payments are approximate only and have been computed on the basis of a typical annual percentage point of charge of 8.9%. Your interest rates are determined on the basis of a solvency check of your circumstance. It determines the amount of your rebates each month. After the loan has been taken out, the interest shall be determined for the period of the loan.

A loan of 10,000 with a redemption of 205.44 pounds per month over a period of 60 month at an interest of 8.6% per year ('fixed'). Full refundable amount is £12,326.40.

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