Commercial Property Finance Rates

Financing of commercial real estate Interest rates

Mortgage for companies Your aim is to buy a property that will soon be sold at auctions. You need money. Purchasing a property at auctions is a much faster procedure than a conventional sale, so it is important to be ready. The catalog of an auctions is usually available 2-3 week before the date of the sale, so use this to your benefit.

Arrange an inspection date for the property. An expert expert will be able to point out structure difficulties or other questions related to the condition of the property. Get the legit package! Buying at bidding is considered to be a valid sale. Obtain your financing in advance. When you need help financing this sale, now is the right moment to talk to a mortgages advisor (ahem!... Hello!).

You are advised to make a basic arrangement that you can take with you during the workday. There is always a creditor for most kinds of real estate. Below you will find a list of property categories for which we have previously provided financing for auctions: Don't be worried if your property category is not mentioned above.

These are just a few examples to give you an impression of the wide range of real estate that we can help you with. First-time use. Together with you, we compile your request for submission to the creditor. Basic settlement. As soon as we have obtained an underlying memorandum from the creditor, we will forward it to you to participate in the auctions.

When you are the winning tenderer, call us to inform us as soon as possible and we will file the full request on your name. As a rule, we do this on request of the creditor. Loan providers will appoint their own representatives. We work with everyone involved - you, the creditor, the appraiser, the lawyers - to keep the transaction on course.

Sold the property to pay back the credit. Maybe you have done research to add value, and now you are looking to buy the property. Prices and conditions quoted vary depending on the property category, situation, tenant, your level of expertise and your situation.

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