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Real estate development Financing The interest rates range from 3% above the Bank's base interest rates and beyond, as do the credit maturities, which can be up to 25 years with full or part repayment over the maturity, and other creditor needs such as fiscal communications, individual warranties, interest rates and principal contributions, etc. Alternatively, we can help you fund property developments, new buildings and renovations for up to 18 month, but these are restricted to more senior property owners and those for whom plans are in place.

coordinates its commercial real estate product with interest and credit volume updated information.

Recipients who wish to finance the acquisition, extension or renovation of a commercial property where the use remains commercial are tied to the upgraded commercial bridging commodity. Now, the interest rates for these credits begin at 0.79% per month. "All our commodities are developed with the creditor in mind, which means we must be continuously agile to adapt our offering and review our assortment for improvement opportunities.

It finances real estate professionals and enables all types of investor - from individual persons to some of the world's major banks - to participate in its lending.

Bridging credits for commercial properties | Bridging credits for commercial properties

Loan origination for commercial property provides a straightforward alternate finance option for companies looking to take advantage of new opportunity. Commercial bridges give you a genuine chance to finance new space or move to your existing space whenever you need it. No matter whether you are extending your existing office space, breaking new ground or completely transforming yourself, we can help you make your commercial property work for you.

What is the function of a commercial real estate portal? As with any overdraft loan, it is just a straightforward intermediate loan that will cover the first stages of commercial property finance while you are waiting for finance from your primary source. For example, if you have saved investments for your company, but the date of your approval means you are behind your timetable, a commercial real estate loan can help get the ball moving immediately.

When you have a purchase to keep the mortgage going, a bridge loan can fill the void until your mortgage comes through - and let you proceed immediately with the transaction. The interest rates for our commercial bridge credits begin at only 1.1% per annum and can be taken out over a term of up to 18 monthly periods.

Will you take your company to the next stage? We work together to help you ensure the financial security you need to make your commercial property work for your company.

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