Commercial Real Estate Financing

Financing of commercial real estate

Office building, real estate industry. Property financing and lending Kattens Real Estate Finance and Lending Practice advises some of the country's most demanding commercial real estate financiers and related entities, among them U.S. and international banking groups, finance institutes, retirement and personal equities investment vehicles, insurers and credit brokers, on issues related to real estate financing, both conventional and non-traditional.

In addition, we act for banks and brokers in workout, foreclosure and foreclosure work. For borrowers, we provide advice to property proprietors, investors, developers, manager and lessee. In addition, we act for suretyships, borrowers, co-lenders, enhancers, mortgage creditors, suretyships, rating agents, creditors, equity providers, interest swaps and other derivative instruments.

Kattener Immobilienfinanzierungs- und Kreditpraxis' lawyers help our customers to reach a cost-efficient and prompt conclusion of even the most complicated real estate financing deals while safeguarding their prerogatives and intentions with regard to yield. We manage financing operations ranging in magnitude from $10 million to more than $1 billion across a broad diversity of asset classes - country, office, retail, hotels, industry, housing, apartment building, condo, golf course, resort and rural.

Represents creditors in all kinds of financing related agreements, up to and beyond financing, as well as restructured financings, for the securitisation of certain exposures such as CMBS financings, portfolios, meszanine financings, collateralised loan financings, Syndicated loan agreements, equity investments and other co-credit relations, building credits, revolving loan facilities and cancellations. Lawyers advise fiduciaries, underwriters, service providers, masters service staff, specialist service staff and institutional buyers on securitisation deals with real estate mortgage origination conduits as well as grants and ownership trusts as well as SPEs with mortgage-backed instruments and remaining interests in security to secure unsecured hypothetical liabilities.

Our services cover all facets of mortgage-backed business - from the exercise of due care and the preparation and negotiation of sales and purchases contracts to the processing of credit documents and the conclusion of such deals. Our firm advises our principals on the evaluation and implementation of claim reduction policies, which include securities and third parties' processing services claim, acquisition and disposal of mortgages, negotiation of buyback/repurchase and other indemnity decisions, and matters relating to alleged frauds.

Advocates of law include the understanding that efficient debtor advocacy involves the formation of the right partnerships, LLCs or other organisational shareholder entities, as well as the appropriate financing arrangements to minimise detrimental taxation effects for the Confederation and states and to maximise flexible decisions and options for selling assets and liabilities and estateing. Negotiating favourable financing terms for debtors, which include hybrids such as debt/equity investment, limits on subrogation, and finance and real estateovenants.

In the event of financing difficulties, our teams merge our classic work-out approach with a thorough knowledge of current stock exchange and taxation legislation to adequately protect our customers from possible risk. When real estate financing goes bankrupt, our principals profit from the firm's extensive expertise in matters of receivership and receivership.

Furthermore, our attorneys -at-law combine a wide range of real estate and commercial expertise with strong procedural and alternate resolution capabilities to offer hands-on legal assistance and support in real estate financing, and bankruptcy and receivership related matters. The Katten Real Estate Finance and Lending teams are used to mastering the complexity of the financing structure and achieving the best results for our customers.

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