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property sector Slowing in China, uncertainties in the UK and Europe, new banking supervisory regulations and a rising interest in the US could lead to geopolitical fluctuations that will impact retail, consumers' pricing and interest rates. These turbulences pose new hurdles for the real estate markets. In today's fast moving environment, yesterday's policies will not work.

Competitive bidding for equity could become a problem as commercial real estate equity prices have decelerated and competitive bidding between certain suppliers of fixed CRE financial assets has intensified. Though the credit climate will become even more tight, it can be assumed that an increasingly booming real estate sector coupled with strong demands for industry, multi-family and retailing real estate and the associated financial activities will remain a feature of the future as well.

Working with institutions, designers, owners, creditors and asset managers, our cross-functional teams have executed some of the most demanding and sophisticated real estate deals in the world. We understand the unique needs of global players such as global players, creditors, service providers, brokers and loan recipients in real estate financing markets. Representing private investors is also of central importance, as we provide regular advice to single shareholders, joints and mutuals.

Customers trust the expertise of a pioneering research group that has developed extremely effective and challenging real estate finance technologies, such as the first Revolving Loan Facilities for a FIBRA in Mexico, the first Syndicated Finance syndication for a Japan District Default Portfolios and the first Season Ticket Finance for a major real estate funds in Europe.

<font color="#ffff00">General Growth Properties, Inc. Representing the U.S. Bank National Association in relation to a $1.4 billion loan to General Growth Properties, Inc. affiliate backed by 15 commercial centers in 14 states. The Digital Realty Trust | acted on behalf of Citigroup World Markets Inc. in conjunction with the USD 3.55 billion Digital Realty Trust syndicated revolving loan facilities and fixed rate borrowings.

At SportsNet New York, SportsNet New York acted in conjunction with its 15-year head office at the 4 World Trade Center, which is part of the recently undeveloped World Trade Center downtown Manhattan area.

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