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Complimentary corporate information from Companies House, including registered office address, filing history, accounting, annual report, officers, fees, business activity. Obtain company information such as registered office, previous company names, director details, accounting, financial statements and company reports if dissolved. They can get some details about a company for free, including:.

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It is important in doing business to know who you are up against. Important information about registrated enterprises is saved in the data bases of the responsible registry authority. A lot of this information is posted online â" and some of it does not even charge you a penny. Correct identification of a company is particularly important if you conclude contracts with this company or if you want to initiate or conduct legal action against this company.

Free information available may vary in both amount and grade according to the case law and nature of the unit you are searching for, but in general you should be able to put together a good image of most businesses from a mix of formal searching utilities and alternate searching engines.

It may also be possible to find out about a company's financial situation. Free information can vary from a copy of an audit report to a brief notification of bankruptcy procedures. This article lists the free of charge formal repositories for a number of English-speaking jurisdictional searches, listing the kinds of information each provides.

I' ve also pointed out some important jurisdiction that do not provide free corporate information, as well as alternate searching engines to help you find corporate information from around the globe. Your first point of contact in the USA is the US Securities and Exchange Commission's website's company directory.

However, if you are looking for a privately owned company, you should use the state database. In order to see which states provide free information and which do not, visit this page (from the UK Companies House website). Canada is getting a little more complicated. While you can look for information about government companies using the government's formal online engine, if you want information about a bank, insurer, or credit and fiduciary company, you will need to look elsewhere and use one of the alternate finders at the bottom of the page.

Despite this deficit, however, the Canada authorities provide their state-owned enterprises with a very large amount of free information. When you are not sure whether the company you are looking for is a state company or not, take a look at the Canada government's business list.

Finding free business information in the UK is easy but restricted. You can use the WebCHeck online services at Companies House to find both company identities and company headquarters free of cost. But if you wish to receive more in-depth information about a company, such as a review of the status of its financial statements, financial statements or recording and nomination reports, you must order these reports at a cost from Companies House.

To find full detail about what is free and what is not, visit this Companies House information page. The amount of free information in Australia is very similar to that in Great Britain. For more information about a company, even if it is as easy as its entered postal adress, you must purchase a full company statement from either an ASIC Service Center or one of the ASIC Information BROkers.

To find out more and to compare what information you can get for free instead of having to pay for it, visit the ASIC Register. New Zealand, on the other it is much simpler to get free information. Companys Office's website provides a very comprehensive view of their businesses, and only the company's executive summary contains the following information:

Furthermore, there is details of share ownership, as well as the overall number of outstanding share holdings and allotments and a copy of the company documentation submitted. When you are looking for an India company, you must use the Ministry of Corporate Affairs find engine. It is also possible to conduct a seperate query at the Ministry of Enterprise for a company's official documentation, where you will find financial statements, foundation documentation and various kinds of certificate.

You can find an extra free searching utility on Although most of the information available here is similar to that stored in the Ministry of Enterprise Affairs, can also give you the number of employees, the overall sales of a company and information on whether that company is part of a group.

For South Africa, you must consult the Commission's formal website on Enterprise and Intellectual Property. Although the information is somewhat restricted, you can explore it for free: However, if you want to get company documentation, you have to make a payment. Alternate free searching tools: When your jurisdictions do not have an appropriate formal searching engine, a number of alternate sources are also available.

Hooverâ is a free organization that offers both free and subscriber service, but the free company information may be sufficient for initial research. In addition to providing you with a company profile and a competitor strategy overview, Hooverâs provides free information to businesses around the globe. Hooverâs can also be used to find general sector outlooks. is another free organization that provides information to businesses in all countries.

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