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A comparison of new and current vehicles with photos, dimensions of length, width, height and boot volume. Explore and compare new cars of similar size. franchise dealer The free of charge utility also features new pricing, instant link to all reviews and fast link to cars for purchase. Parker will list all those that increase the value of a vehicle because not all of them do - although they can make it more appealing to a prospective purchaser. Keep in mind running performance and choices can make a significant difference to the value of the cars and from as much as several thousand quid, so it can be paid to get a fully customized auto appraisal.

It is the value of an Approved Used vehicle purchased from an authorized dealership. It is the average cost of a vehicle purchased from an independant retailer or market. Those rates are slightly lower than the major retailers because you do not get all the advantages of Approved Used.

However, the offerings differ, with some companies providing guarantees for the spare parts market for several month. To find out if the vehicle is really as dependable as it first seems, ask for the moon certification and maintenance record. One out of three cars has a story to tell. The ' Parker's Cheque provides extra security before you hand over your hard-earned money.

There may be mechanic faults or no usage record, the bodyshell may be rusted or show considerable damages or the inside may be dirty or cracked. It is a good indicator of the amount to be expected, although the real value may differ from transaction to transaction. Depending on the cost and attractiveness of your present vehicle and how generously you offer the new one you are purchasing.

The value of a vehicle can with this information range by tens of thousand of pounds.

What is the reliability of your vehicle?

In the following chart you can see the two main criteria for evaluating the dependability of a given automobile, i.e. how often it needs to be repaired and how much it will cost to fix it. In this section we show you the most important parts of a motorbike, which often go awry, and show you how the motorbike you have chosen compares to each other.

Have a look at the difference between the cars you have selected to see how likely a breakdown is and what you need to watch out for. In most cases, a newer version will have a lower reliability value than 6 year old cars with 70,000 mileage.

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