Compare Credit Cards 2016

Credit card comparison 2016

#1 Spot Online to check and compare credit card offers for 2019. These are the most beloved credit cards of 2016 - and the reward they provide. Today, the five most beloved credit cards of 2016 were unveiled, and it turns out that consumers enjoy receiving their cash prizes, with cash-back cards leading the way. Here this is a shortlist of the cards folks looked for the most, on which one? Currency Compare comparisons page, and the advantages you can get from them:

Nationwide's reward programs attract a great deal of interest. Clients will receive 25 pounds for the transfer of a credit or expense of more than 25 pounds in the first 60 business days and 0.5 percent cash back on purchase. The annual interest rate is 15.9 percent. Which?'s family-friendly brand names have already received credit card approvals - an earlier Which? poll found 81 percent satisfied consumers.

This is the right map for you if you like your John Lewis outdoor furnishings. Rewards points are awarded to members, which they can redeem for in-store coupons; you receive one point for every 1 pound of cash issued in the shop or on-line at John Lewis, and 500 points give you a 5 pound coupon. The annual interest rate is 16.9 percent.

Lega cards are ideal for holidaymakers as they do not include fees in other currencies. During the first nine month it also provides zero interest on acquisitions and carryovers. The effective annual interest rate is 11.9 percent. The Santander ticket will make your trip a little more worthwhile if you are a commute; it will give you a three percent refund on transportation expenses such as rail and gasoline.

These cards also reward daily expenses and offer two percent cash back in large supermarkets and one percent cash back in large grocery store chain purchases. Disadvantage is that the map has an annuity of 36 pounds, so it is more costly to use it altogether than others with the same APR (18.4 percent).

This Halifax map, like the ZAGA map, is ideal for Jetsetter, as it does not impose any charges for use abroad. Admittedly, it has a higher annual percentage rate of charge at 18.9 percent and there is no zero percent interval for buying and transferring balances.

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