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We can help you if you want to take over your current mortgage from another lender. UK's base rate and on the lender's standard variable interest rate if you set it. Which is LTV or loans to evaluate? Credit to Value or LTV, a mortgage, is the amount of cash you need to lend to buy a home. E.

g. if you want to buy a 200,000 house, and you have to borrow 180,000 pounds to make that possible, then the mortgage would have an LTV of 90%.

£180,000 is 90% of the value of the house.) You would make the other 10% - 20,000 - available in the shape of a down payment (or home equity if you are remortgaging). LTV is the individual most important element when it comes to determining what interest rates the mortgage provider is going to be offering you.

When you have a low LTV, you get a significantly lower interest that can equal ten thousand - even hundreds of - of thousands ounces of pounds stored over the term of your mortgage. As an example, a mortgage provider can provide you with a 95% LTV two-year fixed-rate mortgage with an interest of 2.3%.

When you lower the LTV to 90%, the interest could be nearer 1.8%. Briefly, if you have a low LTV, the mortgage financier takes less risks - and they award this lower risks by giving you a preferred interest rate. So for example, if you have borrowed 190,000 pounds to buy a 200,000 pound home (95% LTV), and then the value of the home goes down and you can't keep up refunds, there's a likelihood that the lending institution won't get all their money back. Even if you have bought a 200,000 pound home (95% LTV), you can't keep up refunds.

Mortgage lenders cover this higher exposure by getting you to owe more interest. When you only need a mortgage of 150,000 to buy the same 200,000 pounds of LTV ownership, there is much more scope: the dealer could be able to resell your house and make most or all of the moneys.

Which are the different LTV threshold values for mortgage? As a rule, whenever your LTV drops by 5%, you will be unlocking a better mortgage with a lower interest rates or other desired properties. The majority of mortgage lenders will not provide you with a mortgage over 95% LTV (5% down payment), and then it goes down in 5% stages to 60%:

Occasionally, you may get a 100% LTV mortgage, but you usually need to have another type of collateral, such as a familymember using their own home as collateral for your mortgage. Only two ways to cut your LTV: saving a large amount of cash or reducing the amount of cash you need to lend.

When you are near an LTV level - 91% for example - it is probably a good idea to save a little more cash or negotiate a slightly lower rate for the real estate you want to buy.

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