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A secured loan's main advantage is the amount of money you can access at relatively short notice. Check Secured Loan lenders, interest rates and repayments. Collateralised loans and mortgage option contracts You can now rent up to 90% of the value of your house with the latest LTV rates. EZV also authorizes and approves us, which means that we will always work in your best interest to make sure you get the best services and privileged acces to the most versatile and affordably secured lending available today.

Installments of only 3.65%!

Installments of only 3.65%! Obtain the best offer for your individual situation. We' re comparing hundred of homeowners loan rates from only 3.65%. Prices are reviewed and revised every hour. Clients with less than impeccable ratings have recourse to CCJ's and default based loan facilities.

We keep your information private and protected, and you can be sure that your information will be stored in accordance with the 1998 Act on the Protection of Personal Information. You do not have to pay any advance claim charges, you are not obligated and our loan matching services will not impact your soundness.

Our specialists are able to find the right loan for your individual situation. Easy to use, our compare engine removes the effort of multi-use by scanning a broad range of creditors to compare 100 credit items. Was Is A Homeowner Loan ? An owner-occupier loan, also known as a secured loan or a second fee mortgages, is a loan secured against your belongings.

House owner loan can be useful if you want to lend a large amount of cash or have a less than flawless loan history. Your home owner loan can be useful if you want to lend a large amount of cash or have a less than flawless loan record. Since your real estate is provided as collateral against the loan, creditors can often see this as a lower level of exposure and calculate lower interest rates. But your home could be in danger if you are not able to pay back the loan.

For what can I use a Homeowners Loan? An owner-occupier loan can be used for almost any legitimate use. Joint uses for homeowners who loan homeowners are debt consolidation, home improvements, car purchase and paying for a marriage. Supposed loan of 18,800 over 144 month with a guaranteed lending interest of 5.803% per year for the first 60 month, followed by 60 month with the lender's default floating interest of 5.803% above the Bank of England base lending interest rat.

Amount of liabilities 29,540.12 consisting of: loan amount (£18,800); interest (£10,740.12); brokerage commission (£1,880.00); lender's commission (£495). An agency charge of up to 12.5% of the net loan is levied. 12 month minimum. The maximum term is 300 month.

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