Consolidate your Bills

Eliminate your invoices

In spite of the fees, the main advantage of consolidation is that you reduce your monthly expenses. Loans are debt consolidation loans that are designed to consolidate all your bills you might have trouble paying into a lowered monthly payment. With OneBillPlus, you can consolidate your invoices into a single invoice and provide you with only one invoice. You can consolidate your invoices into a single invoice through a bill merge process.

Characteristics and advantages

With OneBillPlus, you can consolidate your invoices into a singular bill and provide you with only one bill. This will certainly help you saving your working hours in the field of economics. In order to be eligible for consolidation accounting, you should have 5 or more corporate bank account with corporate fees and all phone connections should be under the same company name.

ONEBILLUS is free of cost. Therefore they must be payed within 14 workingdays from the invoice date. As soon as you have signed up for OnebillPlus, you can use the following services: High performance verification and understanding tool for your one bill plus consolidation invoices.

How much is the payment processing fee?

Payment processing fee is a fee for certain clients who do not wish to settle their bills by direct debit. As of 13 January 2018, the payment processing fee will only be due from those clients who have contracted BT for BT services on or before 17 July 2017. Every client who has concluded a product agreement on or after 18 July 2017 no longer pays the payment processing fee.

When you are entitled to make the Settlement Charge, the Charge will not be levied on your primary (first), additional (intermediate) or definitive (last) invoice. There is a £6 per monthly charge on each invoice (or 18 per quater if you are paying quarterly) and value added tax is added to these rates. Payments will be processed at the current value added tax applicable.

You will see them in the "Payment Fees" section of the invoice. Does the processing fee for payments differ from the fee for hardcopy invoices? Yes, we bill the paperbill fee to clients who still get bills on papers. So, if you don't use direct debit and still have hard copy invoices, you may see both fees on your invoice.

If I don't want to switch to direct debit, how can I cut the number of payment processing charges I use? You can consolidate your invoices into a bill through a bill merge proces. That means that we only charge the payment processing fee on one invoice, not on every invoice.

Selecting one of these option also reduces the fees for the paper invoice.

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