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The agency is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Foundation for Consumer Credit Advice (USA). audit authority These lists show the person(s) who work(s) or have(have) worked(s) for this company and are regarded as authorised persons. Press the "+" key below to browse by actual or past participation, control role or last name: Filters the list: Hide filters: An individual who previously had control features in the company, but these features are no longer on.

Remember that the results of searches for earlier engagements may provide data sets for persons still working in the company but no longer requiring authorization (e.g. because that company is now under the Senior Manager and Certification Regime) and for persons now working in other companies.

In order to check their current situation, please refer to the company with which the consultant is currently working.

The NFCC is launching a programme with TD Bank to support small businesses that operate in the field of wellbeing.

NFCC has signed an $3 million exclusivity agreement with TD Banking and TD charitable foundation, the bank's nonprofit fundraising organization, to help educate and advise U.S. small businesses. It will allow the NFCC to continue to expand on the work begun in 2016 and help strengthen the member organisations' capacities to offer finance training and advice to tens of millions of small entrepreneurs over the coming years.

Because of the service provided by NFCC member agencies, the NFCC is recognised as a trustworthy choice for small businesses. "NFCC members have always sought to solve the pecuniary problems faced by small businesses owners," said Susan C. Keating, President and CEO of NFCC.

The TD's sponsorship will enable the members to do more for this important part of the population." Launched in October, the first stage will use Sharpen Your Financials Focus (Sharpen) as the first platform for delivering face-to-face investment analysis and training to small company entrepreneurs using consumer-oriented financing to fund their small companies.

In the second stage, a singular programme will be introduced to help small shopkeepers make the comprehensive switch from consumer financing to more suitable business-oriented goods and service. A tailor-made syllabus will be created, building on the NFCC's existing consumer financing skills, incorporating specialised material to inform small shop holders about consumer financing solutions and corporate product offerings that better meet their needs.

NFCC will improve QoS through complementary consultant education, certifications, technology improvements and the creation of complementary programme material. It will also use technological and results-oriented information to assess the benefits of providing value-added support activities. Important finance and information points are analysed to uncover disclosures of finance behaviour and perception, using information gathered by NFCC member organisations and verified by the on-going Sharpen programme research.

Further means of collecting consumer information are regular follow-ups throughout the programme.

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