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Cccs Consumer Credit Advisory Services

North Illinois Consumer Credit Advisory Center. ( CCCS ) is a non-profit organization that helps people manage their money more effectively. CCCS of Northern Illinois Consumer Credit Advisory Service - About

The program (DMP) is geared to paying back your debts, usually in 3-5 years. The majority of credit cards firms have lower interest rate levels and have said they are willing to cut or remit charges. It will enable you to redeem debts more quickly and save significant interest at the same time. Restoring good creditworthiness is the normal outcome of successfully concluding a credit management program.

The CCCS provides a HUD-approved procedure that helps you become a house owner. These include: fundamental budgeting and credit counseling, the establishment of good credit, a good mortgage knowledge and how it works, buying and selling a house, and preventing foreclosures and other issues in the long run. The CCCS works with other agency and programmes to help first earners and low earners realize their dreams of home ownership and provides the necessary certifications for these programmes.

Accredited CCCS-certified residential advisors are skilled to assist customers suffering mortgages failure or enforcement and routinely approve and bargain with mortgages owners on property owners' behalf. In addition, CCCS-certified residential advisors are skilled to assist customers who suffer mortgages failure or enforcement. No charge will be made for this consultation. Senior citizens aged 62 and over who want to stay in their houses can consider a home equity converted credit or a socalled inverse mortgages.

The CCCS advisors are certified to provide the necessary advice to the home owners and provide the necessary certifications to obtain these mortgage loans. Consultants at the office can help customers who are currently without a home or who need help to prepare for letting a home or flat. At CCCS we provide courses for adult, young adult, senior and school-aged people. Grown-ups:

There are courses in the areas of budgetisation, home ownership, fundamental financial administration, insolvency training and "Checkwise", a programme to open a savings accounts for those who have been deprived of or do not have access to financial benefits. Adults and school-age children: Lessons concentrate on monetary managment abilities. Elderly: Elderly people are given specific courses at elderly care institutions or other suitable places.

Those classrooms cater for areas of interest to older people, such as reducing property taxes, reversing mortgage payments and frauds programs for older people. Lessons take place at different places to suit the needs of clients, including: Lessons can be tailor-made to suit your needs and can be conducted in collaboration with other non-profit or governmental organisations, banks, real property firms or businesses for the good of their people.

The CCCS of McHenry County was authorized by the US trustee to offer both pre-insolvency counseling and pre-release training. During the 6-month period preceding the submission of the petition for insolvency, customers must obtain advice aimed at offering alternative solutions to the petition for insolvency, as well as option s to pay back debts without submission. Customers who have declared themselves bankrupt must attend a two-hour training course managed by an accredited body such as CCCS before dismissal.

Every customer who participates in the consultation and/or training receives a confirmation that he has obtained the necessary services. Pairs submitting a joint application must each obtain guidance and/or training and obtain individual certification whether they obtain guidance or training individually or collectively.

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