Consumer Credit Management

credit management

These include the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) activities in relation to consumer credit and debtor management. Leading the way in consumer indebtedness purchasing It is one of the biggest credit management service provider in Europe and one of the leaders in the UK and Ireland (based on 120-month residual inventory estimates as of December 31, 2016). At Cabot, we offer a number of credit management solutions to a wide customer portfolio, including some of the biggest credit institutions in Europe.

Cabot has credit management expertise with a number of lenders (including consumer financing, telecoms operators, retail traders, utility operators and governments ) and investment categories (including consumer collateral, SME debts and high quality accounts).

Since Cabot was established in 1998 until 30 June 2017, the company has spent a £2 billion sum on the purchase of over 21 billion in nominal value of the acquired credit portfolio and £2.9 billion in accumulated cash from the acquired credit portfolio. At 30 June 2017, Cabot's 120-month estimate of residual collection was £2.2 billion and its 180-month estimate of residual collection was £2.5 billion.

Cabot was one of the first to enter the UK credit management business with 20 years exposure to receivables purchasing and management. Cabot was the first major credit management firm in the UK to be approved by the FCA in March 2016 and the first credit management firm in Ireland to be approved by the Central Bank of Ireland in May 2017.

Cabot's operations and corporate identity are focused on providing services to clients and complying with regulations, and are supported by its revenue management policy. At Cabot, we strive to provide our clients with fair and accessible payments, often through long-term payments. The Cabot client experience goes beyond all UK bank and home savings benchmark levels and many major UK savings and loan institutions, and Cabot considers that it has one of the worst complaint levels in the recovery sector referenced to the UK Financial Ombudsman Services.

Some of Cabot's awards include the Institute of Customer Service's UK Customer Satisfaction Award 2017, the CCR Credit Excellence Awards 2016 for Compliance and the Credit Today Award 2016 for Fair Customer Care.

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