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Complete debt and consumer advice service. Obtain advice on dealing with debt, bailiffs, bankruptcy, pensions, taxes and more. Advisor for Consumer Debt, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Debt Counseling Line I see many Debt Counseling Line nationals being promoted on line, are they officially?

Unfortunately, you are likely to see many instances of this type of website claiming to be an offical debt line. Moreover, many of these enterprises do not have a consumer credit licence, which is a statutory condition for trade as debt advisors. OFT Consumer Credit Director Ray Watson said, "The OFT will take measures against firms that use web sites that look similar to deceive customers into thinking they are working with incumbent non-profit or non-profit organizations.

It also reminds the consumer that he should not concern himself with companies which do not have a consumer credit authorisation. Non-licensed companies are non-regulated and customers may not have recourse if something goes wrong". Consumer can verify whether a firm has an appropriate consumer Credit Authorisation by browsing the OFT Consumer Register.

While webpages that claim to be a nationwide debt advisory line consciously make it hard to differentiate them from true nonprofit organizations, there are some useful rule of thumb you can apply: Is there a consumer credit license number displayed on the website? You will never be asked to fill out a web page with a non profitable information such as how much debt you have and how many you have.

When you need to discuss debt with someone, please call the charity's help line at 0800 043 40 50 to discuss it with an advisor.

The Surrey Consumer Support Network | Debt Advice

Identifying the whole debt issue is the road to solving it in practice. More information on the services offered by the Citizens' Office can be found on the Guide's website. The Citizens Advisory Bureau is a member firm of the Trust dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of good value monetary advisory services.

Geldberatung provides a structural view of the management of heavy debts. Consultants are educated to evaluate the current state of affairs, provide security, maximize their clients' incomes where possible and bargain on their own account with them. Your consultant will examine whether you are eligible for additional revenue, such as reduced taxes or state subsidies.

It can also help you work out and bargain reimbursement schedules with the individuals to whom you have owed the moneys. When you need to go to trial, the counselor can help you with the preparation of your case and possibly act for you. The following organizations are available to advise you, offering free, trustworthy, unbiased and unbiased advice:

The AdviceUK is a professional organisation for over 1000 information and counselling centers. Some 300 centers offer debt counselling. In order to find the closest counselling service, you can call AdviceUK on 020 7407 4070 or consult its website. Municipal Law Service (CLS): For free assistance and information, contact Community Legal Service Direct.

Find a lawyer or counsellor near you, find a quick guide to the right place on the best UK consultancy pages, see if you are entitled to free litigation or consult our information sheets. A number of credit rating companies provide debt consulting services for a small charge. Ask always about the fees before you make the decision to use one of these agents and get impartial consultation.

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