Conventional Loan and Pmi

Traditional loan and Pmi

Hypothecary insurance (PMI); Conventional financing; No income restrictions on qualifying real estate; Accepts alternative loans; FHA loans.

Funding in a conventional loan with no monthly PMI payment and more money in your pocket every month!

Hypothekenrechner for real estate agents with PMI

Mortgage calculator for brokers" covering all 4 main credit categories conventional, FHA, VA and USDA all on one monitor. Perfect for brokers and mortgage brokers and homeowners. Brokers: You can immediately give local purchasers the best possible option for paying per month from all 4 available choices.

Grant Officer: If an agency is calling you to find out how much a loan would be, just use this application and give them the reply, and or text it or mail it and store it too. Brokers and loan officers can join forces and help each other by receiving the Agents Branded release, which involves the addition of the other's information as a recommendation and leads producer and helps the purchaser quickly shut down the loan (without loosing the business) so that it becomes a win-win-win for all.

A further specialty is that you only have to input the information once and it is stored in all 4 loan categories so that you do not have to make four inputs. Change from one loan to another and you can check and determine which loan is more suitable for the customer. - PMI records and PMI totals are dynamically generated on the basis of loan amount, collateral value, purchasing method, etc.

  • PMI interest rate is calculated on the basis of the most frequently used banking sector variables. Ideal for any broker or loan officer looking for VA Loan Mortgage Calculator, USDA Mortgage Calculator, FHA Mortgage Calculator, or just Home Mortgage Loan Calculator.

Referral Organization Groups

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