Conversion Mortgage

transformation mortgage

habitation As a minimum, we require a preliminary building permit to begin the request procedure and a detailled building permit before the mortgage is approved. Which information do I need to edit a mortgage request? We can also help you pay back any financing due on the real estate if you need it. Not only do we rent for the sale of the real estate.

Only if you have a qualified redemption facility that supports this, e.g. an existing ISA, life insurance or pension plan, do we provide a pure interest mortgage. Yes, although we are offering a buy-to-lease mortgage.


To what extent does a positive credit differ from a high-ranking credit? The security and reliability of our promotional credits is as high as that of bank and home savings bank credits. Our major distinction between what you are offering and what we are offering is the rapidity of our service: we can arrange your credit within a few working hours (24 hrs if required), from request to money transfers.

Because we know how quick and unforeseeable the real estate market can be, we work at these rates. If these issues arise, you need quick funding to make up the differences and keep the job running. If you take out a promotional credit with us, it is protected against a real estate which you already own or which you buy.

And we can guide you through the design arena to make sure you are avoiding as many barriers as possible. When you are prepared to take out a promotional credit for your projects, fill out our simple request from.

What makes you decide in favour of our mortgage services?

What makes you decide in favour of our mortgage services? We can offer you a first-class mortgage financing solution. In order to check your credit possibilities, call our specialists on 0117 313 7780 or fill out our callback request number. Loan providers are still willing to take on these types of mortgage, especially smaller bausparkassen.

Because of the higher risks, you can count on a mortgage for this type of mortgage and the creditor can demand a thorough inspection of the real estate and two evaluations first. Due to the risks associated with this, they can also free the money in installments to you, as various demands on renovations are met.

LTV's can reach from 66%-90% with this type of mortgage, so you can expect to make a bigger down payment than with a more conventional mortgage.

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