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Credit assessment for companies

Data quality and rigour are very important to us, which is why we carry out many quality controls and tests. Checking the creditworthiness of a potential customer. The importance of credit checks and how they can help you manage your business finances.

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Almost all companies depend on incomes to stay afloat - regardless of whether the enterprise is a large multi-national corporation or a shop with a sole head. Whilst turnover is an important factor in doing doing business, it is crucial for small companies to receive the right amount in time. Small UK companies owe more than 44.5 billion in delayed payment pounds, according to a Zurich survey, with one in five companies owe more than 25,000 pounds and almost one in ten (9%) owe more than 100,000 pounds.

Careful management of your company's financial affairs is vital. Running credit scans is one way to make sure you're only dealing with the right clients and help decrease the chance of interaction with individuals who can harm your business.

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Moody's Law Department's role is to manage the Company's corporate matters efficiently by offering expert, prompt and useful corporate guidance and service, advising on appropriate guidelines, best practice and processes to minimize regulatory exposure, organizing and proactively administering the service of an outside attorney as needed, while aligning the Company's regulatory controls with the Company's objectives.

Moody's Compliance helps the organization promote a corporate citizenship ethos and manage risks to our rights, reputation and reputation by identifying, mitigating and reacting to breaches of laws, regulations and policies.

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As part of our backgrounds check, many businesses check the creditworthiness of candidates. Also, some check creditworthiness when staff are under consideration for promotion, so you cannot expect your personally identifiable information to stay private as you have a business to do. Except if your employers are in one of the seven states that limit the employer's credit assessments in any way - California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon or Washington - there is not much you can do against a credit assessment except to decline approval.

Employers who are affected about federally discriminatory statute only check credit if there is a business need to do so -- for example, manage currency, have a company credit card, company secrets on it.

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