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Bank of America Home Loans, Inc. offers home loans in the United States. State attorneys are investigating nationwide VIP loans, like the one Conrad had.

That' according to a recent NBC News account interviewing former national civil servant Robert Feinberg just after Feinberg and his attorney last week gathered with six Justice Department officials, some of whom were public integrity attorneys. Fineberg managed the Countrywide V.I.P. programme. However, Conrad said Friday that the Justice Department had not approached him and the first knew that the nationwide executive search party programme had become part of the prosecutors' view of the business when he saw the October 30 ABC brief.

Mr. Conrad also repeated that the Senate Ethics Commission was reviewing his Deal with Countrywide and that it had forwarded all information requests to the Commission in August. Conrad has not yet completed the Committee's provisional examination and the Board has not asked Conrad for further information. Konrad Speaker Sean Neary also noted Friday that the Senator has been maintaining since the nationwide VIP lending programme first made last summers News that he "never asked for, or to his knowledge, was receiving any preferential treatment from the country nationwide.

" History began in June, when the Portfolio Magazine's website posted that it had seen nationwide corporate emails - and cited nationwide staff - claiming that there was a nationwide VIP programme for celebrities that the staff member named "FOA's" or "Friends of Angelo". "Angelo Mozilo was chief executive officer of the firm that Bank of America wanted to buy in January, while rumours of nationwide insolvency circulated.

Nationwide documentation and staff claimed that when Conrad was refinancing a holiday home in Bethany Beach, Del. In 2004, the corporation renounced 1 point on the loans, a transaction valued at $ 10,700 dollars saving for the seniorator. In June, when the portfolio journal Conrad talked about the supposed preferential status, he gave 10,700 dollars to the Habitat for Humanity section in Bismarck-Mandan.

Feinberg said in NBC's October 30 review that all those celebrities who got extra attention knew they were getting the élite deal, but Conrad said that was not the case. The NBC did not call on Conrad to respond before completing the storyline last weekend. The North Dakota Republicans used the ABC Reporto to start a new attack on Conrad and issued a press statement in which the leader of the state faction, Gary Emineth, "calls on Conrad to come to terms with nationwide inquiries.

" Mr. Emineth said that Conrad should "answer queries about his sweet mortgages business," claiming that Conrad "continues to try to avoid the bullets," saying that it is "long past for Conrad to reply to questions about his business with the whole country and pretend unknowingness is not an answer. However, the fact that Conrad has been in the business for a long period of his life is not an issue. "But unlike the evolution that followers can now look into the V.I.P. loans, and Feinberg's saying on video that all V.I.P.'s knew of their particular transactions, the NBC did not contain any information about the V.I.P. programme, which had not been detailed about and transmitted in June.

Into newspaper interrogations and op-ed column for North Dakota Gazettes in June, Conrad completed the timeline of two loans he had had with Countrywide and disclosed support documentation. He also explained how, more than two years before nationwide alleged privileged care, he had a brief, inadvertent telephone call with Mozilo after calling his long-time boyfriend and former Fannie Mae Executivjim Johnson for counsel on purchasing for a home loan.

When Johnson was with Mozilo, he passed the telephone on to Mozilo to speak to Conrad. Mozilo did nothing but give Conrad the name of a juvenile credit clerk that Conrad had to deal with in borrowing. Presumedly, the patient received his or her own personal V.I.P. in 2004. Telling Friday that the Justice Department had not spoken to Conrad, Emineth said: "I suppose timing will tell whether that's the true thing or whether he's being accused of something.

" As Emineth said the V. I. P. loans are newly relevant, give that the sub-prime mortgages crises that floated and blossomed most of the year peaked in a federated rescue operation for the finance sector for which Conrad has been voting. "He said, "People need to know there's a Justice Department inquiry.

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