Credit Advice Bureau

loan advisory office

Citizen advice - Credit card The following pages will tell you how to use your credit or debit card, what it can costs, and what to do if you encounter a problem. About what credit or debit cards are, how they work, credit limit, interest-free hours and bank statement. What to consider when selecting and requesting a credit or debit card. Please note the following information.

Interest and other fees that may be charged when using your credit or debit/credit card, as well as fees for purchasing goods abroad or for missing a payment. Provides information about possible credit crunch issues, credit crunch issues, credit scams, and repayment difficulties.

How can I get help and advice on the advantages?

Identifying the services or income taxes to which you are eligible can be difficult, especially with the recent changes in the social field. Learn where you can get free advice from experts either personally, via the Internet or by contacting our hotline. At Citizens Advice we can advise you free of charge, confidentially, impartially and independently. In addition to advice on how to use them, they can help you solve your debts, living and many other related difficulties.

Locate your nearest office to make an appointment or see a listing of telephone numbers. The data centres give free advice and free advocacy to vulnerable groups. In addition to service and social law advice, the Law Centres give advice on topics such as work and family. Macmillan performance consultants can help you find out what kind of support you are eligible for.

Provide expert advice to alleviate financial anxiety. Includes information about: Income taxes. Age UK has a number of offices in the UK that provide a free, trusted advisory services experience. Convenient help to ensure that you get all the advantages you are eligible for. Goingerbread offers advice and hands-on guidance to lone parent families, as well as advice on social security contributions and taxation incentives.

When you are concerned about staying abreast of payments, there is plenty of free, face-to-face help and advice. When you have rental or mortgages outstanding or fear to lose your home, Shelter provides advice on a variety of residential matters.

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