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Credit bureaus are an incentive to pay one's own debts. Credit bureau information can increase competition between financial service providers, leading to more credit on better terms. A document drawn up by credit bureaus or registers for users concerning the credit history of the persons concerned.

Irish credit bureau said

According to credit cooperative and credit law, the credit cooperative is accountable for protecting the credit cooperative's property and preventing its members from becoming overindebted. Join the ICB and the Credit Union will help to minimize defaults, lower credit cost and obtain information to assess a member's capacity to repay its credit flexibly and on demand.

Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) in Ireland is the most important credit bureau founded in 1965 by several banks. Most of the banks are members of ICB, many of them Credit Unions. Which is the Irish Credit Bureau? Is my creditor able to review my credit record? Answer: Yes, we can verify your creditworthiness as soon as we have a good cause.

This does not need your approval, but we will notify you of our intent to do so at the borrowing phase. You can also have your credit histories checked if you default on this credit. Short-term debt or debt that has been paid or will be paid back in the last five years, comprising amount, class and pattern of payments.

Credit Union shall provide ICB with the same information as other ICB members. However, this does not apply to credit or redemption history taken up before the credit union joined the ICB. Your privacy and the disclosures of your personally identifiable information are governed by the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, the GDPR and the Credit Union Act, 1997 (as amended).

If you are applying for a credit, the most important rated areas are your story with credit lines and refunds at the Credit Union. Like other creditors, Credit Union looks at your incomes, your job situation, your cost of Living and your current credit payments to determine whether you can pay back a credit.

May I have my credit history? Answer: Please go to the ICB website and ask for a copy of your credit history to be downloaded for EUR 6. Members can also call ICB on 01 260 0388 to ask for a credit history application by mail.

You can find more information in our Privacy Policy, which is available on our website.

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