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About credit cards Uber Ride-Hailing continues to penetrate the finance industry and cooperates with Barclaycard US to bring a rewarding Visa credit line to market. Starting next week, US drivers will be able to request the credit within the Uber application and receive a credit rating within a few moments. You can then immediately begin using the over-trip map, with a few workingdays later arriving with a physically valid one.

With interest between 16% and 24%, the no annuity ticket offers a variety of advantages, among them four percent for dating deals (including UberEats), three percent for hotel and air fares, and two percent for on-line shopping, which includes overflights. Awards can take the shape of over-credits, vouchers or old-fashioned cashbacks.

Additionally, those who spent $500 in the first 90 business days get $100 back and those who paid $5000 on the ticket in a year get a $50 season ticket on Netflix and Spotify as well. About says that the transaction will help him to integrate more fully into the life of his clients and give them a lot of information.

Barclaycard expects that accessing more than 60 million Uber subscribers within the application will be a more efficient way to attract customers than via mail.

1|2|3 credit cards changes

We' ve made some changes to the 1-2-3 credit cards. As of February 1, 2017, all 1|2|3 credit cardholder clients will enjoy the same advantages as follows: Default interest rose from 12.7% (variable) to 15.9% (variable). Amendments apply only to your default interest repayments on purchase or carryover transactions, so that all outstanding implementation or promotion repayments will remain the same until the end of the implementation or promotion periods.

You are not affected by this amendment if your current default interest rates are above 12.7% (variable). That means that you will not be charged any overseas transactions charges if you use your credit cards abroad for shopping done in your country's currencies. We' ve written to all our 1|2|3 credit cards clients and fully explained the changes and how your personal circumstance affects them.

You still got that 1 2-3 credit thing right for you? They can still make cash back in the same places where you can currently make money. Take a look at our dealer locator to see where you can make cash back in your area. How can I make cash back? When you no longer have the feeling that it is right for you, please read our full credit line.

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