Credit Card Account Access

Access to credit card account

Welcome to card activity The activation of your credit card is fast, simple and safe. We' ll validate your ID, check your card and get you on your way. Your fastest way to get your credit card activated is with your banking ID and passcode. We' ll validate your ID, check your card and get you on your way.

And if you don't use our on-line bank yet, just log in to get your credit card activated. Register and conserve your precious valuable experience. And if you already use your bank's services, just log in with your bank's ID and password to accelerate the checkout procedure. Register now and then enable your card. And if you have not yet registered for your bank account, you can log in quickly, activated your card and administer your bank account comfortably now.

If you are a client of Online & Mobile Banking you can:

Credit card help for current clients

We' ll block your card immediately and make out a new one. What should I do if I think it's a scam operation? In order for us to process your request quickly, please make a note of the amount, date and hour of the transactions before you call us. What can I do to prevent credit card scams? Verified by Visa makes your on-line purchases even safer by allowing you to enter a catchy name and keyword on your credit card.

Obtain help and advice on how to troubleshoot incorrect, banned, or rejected credit card transactions. When you have a new card, make sure it is enabled before you use it. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to apply for a credit card. In order to make sure that we are offering you the most appropriate credit card, we conduct a credit review that remains on display in your credit record.

There are several ways to make a payment to your credit card. Make the most of your credit card and keep track of your spend by taking a look at our hints and suggestions. Modify your data and your postal or telephone numbers on-line. You need your card scanner and a current credit card.

Look at each store with your credit card and we will immediately refresh your information. If you wish to see your direct debit transactions, you can register with Online Banking. In this case, you have the possibility of deleting the debit memo. You can order a spare card if your card is defective or defective by registering with online banking or by phoning us.

Explore how to use your credit card on vacation. Doing so will help reducing the number of safety controls on your card. Notice that there is a 2.75% processing commission for using your credit card abroad and an extra 3% (minimum 3) commission for paying off your money in real time. In our guidebook you can find out more about the use of your credit card abroad.

In the event of success, the extra card holder receives his credit card within 5-7 workdays. Learn what you need to do to lock or unlock your credit card. Documents for Credit Card Plus clients.

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