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Card companies bet against your ability to be responsible. Visa Credit Cards Is it possible to modify my credit limits? How can I use my credit card to search for more help? Have a look at our site for current credit card users to get information and manage your credit card. Is it possible to reallocate my credit line between my Halifax credit cards?

It is possible to reallocate your credit line to your two Halifax credit cards.

That means that if you have credit on one of your credit card (i.e. you have not used up your total credit limit), you can transfer part of it to your other credit card. Once every six month you can reallocate your credit line and you can move a min. of 100 and up to a max. of 90% of your available credit line.

A total credit of £500 must also remain on the card. You have 2 Halifax credit card and would like to reallocate your credit line. Shift 2,250 (90%) of your available credit line in Credit Card A to Credit Card A. This will bring the new credit line on Credit Card A to 3,250 and leave 750 as the definitive credit line on Credit Card A. Please be aware that you may be able to shift from a low APR to a higher APR according to your card.

The redistribution of your credit line differs from a credit line carryover. The redistribution of your credit line means that you can easily redistribute your credit line among your Halifax credit card. There is no pending credit card B or A as shown in the example. The redistribution of your credit line is different from a credit line enhancement where you can apply for a higher credit line.

The only way you can reallocate your credit line is via phone bankings. Please have your Halifax credit card information ready and call 0345 944 4555 (7am - 11pm, seven working days per week) to reallocate your creditline. How to make a bank wire payment? Visitors can check their entitlement to participate and credit card information via online banks.

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