Credit Card Bank List

List of credit card banks

Cash dispensers of all banking institutions in the most populous country in the world. What British financial institutions today are supporting Open Banking? Nine UK bankers now need to back Open BankingĀ - a new range of technology that makes it easier for you to easily browse and pass on your finance information and bank transactions histories (i.e. every single money transfer to and from your account).

It' s unbelievably invaluable - it shows where you work (and what you earn), what you do for fun (and where), what you like to dine, where you buy, etc.

  • but so far, even though the files are yours, the bank's kept them under wraps. It means you can take all this information and share it with a third person - maybe a smart portable application - who can analyze your spending and tell you how to cut costs, or suggest a perfect credit or debit card.

Hopefully this will make it simpler for the consumer to examine and collate different checking and credit card balances. Continue reading to find out the latest Open Bank news from the nine major financial institutions - and at the end of the paper we take a look at how some of the challengers are doing as well.

The RBS Group comprises the Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest and Ulster Bank. Both Natwest and Royal Bank of Scotland currently provide full Open Data API sets for 2. 1, while Ulster Bank provides all Open Data APIs except credit card ones. That means that it is very simple for third party (apps, compare prices sites, broker, themselves) to find out the precise detail of many RBS Group related software packages and the precise locations of each RBS Group store and ATM. 2. 1 of the Open Data specifications contains the following APIs:

ATMs, branches, face-to-face checking and checking facilities, corporate checking facilities, small and medium-sized enterprises lending and credit card services. For example, the P.Gi.O. account contains a full list of all P.Gi.O. bank deposits available from the Bank, such as interest rates, overdrafts, etc. The RBS Group in Natwest, Ulster Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland should be 100% on-line when it comes to the Konto- und Transaktions-APIs (Account and Bank Transfer APIs) that allow you to pass on your Konto- und Bank Transaktiondaten to third partys.

It provides a full suite of v2.1 Open Data APIs. 1. Outside users can readily obtain all the ATM and store data ofantander, as well as face-to-face checking and corporate checking balances, SME credit and credit card transactions. The majority of the Santander bank balances also fully supports the Bank and Transactional APIs. The CMA asked for a prolongation until 7 May 2018 for around 12,000 corporate clients.

The Barclays Bank fully expands the support for the entire suite of Open Data 2.1 APIs. 1. Third parties applications and utilities can provide full accessibility to all Barclays ATM and store data, face-to-face checking account, corporate checking account, SME credit and credit card merchant offerings. While Barclays asked for a brief renewal until February for the Account and Transactional APIs, this timeframe has now expired and the entire range of applications should be fully available for use.

The HSBC Group comprises HSBC's capital city branch offices, M&S Bank and the pure digitally-branded First Direct. The HSBC Group has a single open data API suite for all three banking groups, and they fully endorse v2.1 of the ATM, Branch, Bank Account, Bank Giro, SME Credit and Credit Card Credit Card Services spec.

HSBC's high street bank clients are fully powered by the Account and Transaction APIs. HSBC's high Street bank clients are fully powered by the Account and Transaction APIs. 2. The HSBC Group applied for an extension of its First Direct and M&S giro account until 30 April. Lloyds Bank Group comprises Lloyds, Halifax and the Bank of Scotland. The Lloyds and Bank of Scotland teams supported the entire set of v2.1 Open Data APIs:

Cash machines, bank outlets, bank giro account, corporate giro account, SME credit and credit card merchant services. The Halifax software only works with cash machines, stores and giro account; credit card functionality is not yet available. Lloyds Group banking group fully endorses the Account and Transaction APIs. 4. The Nationwide Building Society is supporting v2.1 Open Data APIs for ATM and store data as well as face-to-face checking account information.

We do not yet offer credit card functionality. Nationalwide has a distinct "commercial" area offering corporate account services, but it is not part of the "CMA 9" (i.e. the nine biggest UK financial institutions commissioned by the CMA to carry out the implementation of Open Banking). The national Building Society asked for an prolongation until the end of February, but should now fully endorse both the Account and Transactional APIs.

The Danske Bank, formerly Northern Bank in Northern Ireland, is supporting v2.1 of the Open Data API specification for cash dispensers, branch offices, face-to-face checking account, corporate checking account and SME credit. We do not support credit card yet. The Danske Bank has been supporting both the Account and Transaction API from the agreed Open Banking implementation date in January.

The Bank of Ireland UK, which also runs Swiss Post's checking and credit card facilities in the UK, fully endorses Open Data 2 for ATM, branch, face-to-face checking account, corporate checking account, SME credit and credit card applications. The Bank of Ireland UK has requested a significant prolongation of the Account Application Program until August 2018.

As the Allied Ireland Banks Group runs Allied Ireland Bank and First Trust Bank in the UK, v2.1 of the Open Data API specifications is not fully supported. The AIB has only one Open Data API for corporate account and SME credit. The First Trust Bank provides banking services for ATMs, branch offices, face-to-face checking account, corporate checking account and SME lending.

Allied Irish Bank's group has met its January 2018 goal and should fully endorse both the Account and Transaction API. Nine of the UK's best bankers are the only ones obliged to commit to Open Banking - but a number of smaller challengers have voluntarily taken up the challenges of implementation of open-ended banking-APIs.

The Starling Bank has its own proprietary application programming interface that provides instant messaging of your bank details, transactions and payment options - so a third-party application that combines all your bank details could also be used to fund your electricity bill. It has its own development API that provides accounting and transactions information. We plan to release a second release of this payment processing supported application programming interface later this year.

The Metro Bank seems to have its own development APIs available for Open Bank and PSD2 accounts and transactions, but does not yet fully endorse payment.

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