Credit Card bill

card bill

However, if you make minimal payments or issue an invoice that you cannot repay, credit cards can be expensive. Six most rude credit card statements ever. As there are some folks out there with so much cash that it can sometimes be difficult to understand how much they have - well, these credit card statements might help you keep an eye on them. If you exceed the limits of credit card spend to the maximum, it will pay to pack the right plastics - just think of the rewards.

Buying $304 for a full glass of ale may seem a little much, but when the eBay consumer collector discovered a full and closed glass of Allsops Arctic Ale for purchase, he just couldn't withstand it. Especially because the extreme uncommon brew was mistyped in the name of the game. In fact, allsop draught beers were allsopp beers, and that turns out to be a very important differentiation.

Due to the fact that many collector were not up to date due to the very expensive error of the vendor, Collector grabbed the cylinder at a hammer rate. Bizarrely titled 00004sc0re v00d was coughing up half a million on his credit card and the rest, as they say, is story. Indeed, when the Russians visited Nello's New York dining room in 2009, the millionaire himself and his retinue spent $45,000 on sparkling wine and a relatively weak 2,221 pounds on real foods (and a little white wine too).

Blue Nile, a retail company, ordered a smartphone application to help them buy jewelry, and they may have seen it as an experimental. So, they were probably quite amazed when a (still anonymous) shopper purchased a Single Diamond for 300,000 on his credit card, on his telephone.

While Drake was running the credit card. Drake received a bill for $189,375 after a party at Tryst Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas. Whether the funds went to his own card or that of his recording companies, Drake held his lips tightly together, but one way or another, someone was financing a bill.

Though their bill may not have been as big as Drake's, the Brussels went larger on bottled water and ordered a $100,000 30-liter Melchisedek from Armand de Brignac Champagne that had to be kept by two persons to be drunk. Eli Broad, the biggest known credit card deal of all times, was auctioned off by the US businessman.

Previously, in 1995, he dashed out on Roy Lichtenstein's I... I'm Sorry, offered $2. 5 million and charged his credit card. Though Broad was paying a vast amount, he might be one of the most creditworthy guys around. Withdrawing his American Express card to fund his winnings, he collected million of airline mileage, which he then passed on to California Institute of the arts undergraduates.

The file also looks quite secure, as the relevant Sotheby' s sale company no longer accepts credit card payments.

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