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What time is it gonna take you to pay for your credit card? Ouch! You can use our cashout calculator to understand why paying only the minimum per month can make your credit card very expensive. Card Refund Calculator, Find out how long it takes to refund your credit card.

Understand interest - Interest calculator

This calculator can help you with your planning, but remember that it is only a guideline. As an example - the calculator uses a unique interest quote, but your default and spot interest quotes may be different. Nor does it allow any advertising interest or purchase schedule balance that you might have.

Keep in mind that your advertising and purchase plan totals are not affected by changes in the base rate. You can see the definitive computation from the total account statement calculated over an average number of working day in a given months. The assumption is that you make your minimal months payment and there are no charges or backlogs.

one credit card cost calculator from UK Finance

Choose a payback method under "How to pay back" and your payback will be less than the required amount (£). Numbers must be entered for the redemption term. What do you owe (or would you owe) on your card? £ * Help? In order to input different kinds of accounts, choose the above mentioned checkbox "Show different kinds of accounts".

How high is the interest rat? per year per year per months? As a rule, the yearly interest will correspond to your APR, unless your card has an annuity. For more information, see How interest is charged on our website. You can use the prepared example if you do not know the interest rates for your card, although this could mean that the actual costs of your card are much higher or lower than this.

Discount per year and per monument? Specify how much of your credit you think comes from shopping and tell us the interest on your card for shopping. Discount per year and per monument? Certain credit card options provide particularly low interest for the transfer of an outstanding credit from another credit card.

When you have a credit on your card, please fill in the data here. If this is an initial installment, keep in mind to come back to this page when this installment ends to find out how much more your card will charge you. Percentage interest per year and per months Help? It is possible that you have used your credit card to make a withdrawal, e.g. at an ATM.

A lot of maps calculate a higher interest rates for money. When you have used your credit card in this way, indicate how much of your credit you believe is from your withdrawal and give us the interest on your card for your withdrawal. What are you spending on this card? a pound a months help?

When you are likely to keep spending on your card, indicate how much you think you will normally be spending each and every year. What are you paying back * Help? Please tell us how you are currently paying or how you plan to make a refund. It is possible that you configured this the first time you removed the card.

Reimburse a set amount every month: As long as a monthly amount is higher than the monthly amount indicated by your card issuer as being payable, you can request it. More than the required amount will allow you to refund your card faster. Speak to your card issuer about establishing a firm deposit.

Reimbursement of the minimal plus a fix amount in excess of: Amount: Depositing a certain amount in excess of the required amount allows you to refund your card more quickly. Maybe you can do this every single year. Speak to your card issuer about the setup. Do you have to reimburse the Help fee?

Payment of the deposit can be a useful choice, but it will take longer and costs you more to clear your credit. They can agree that the monthly payment is automatic. Speak to your card issuer about the setup. Repayment over a certain period: Years Mountains Help?

Choose this if you want to clear your account within a certain timeframe. Full repayment every months Help? Full monthly repayment means you can prevent being billed interest and get the most out of every interest-free cycle your card offers. It is possible to initiate the automatic repayment of your card in full each year.

Speak to your card issuer if you want to make a firm deposit. Minimal paying for your card Help? Minimal payout requirements can be complex. Paying only the monthly amount can have a big impact on how much your card will cost you in the long run.

In case you do not know how the minimal amount is calculated for your card, you can first use our example to give you an estimate. The most credit card companies do not have an annuity charge. If yours does, just type in the amount here.

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