Credit Card Checker

Credential verification device

Complete our form and we'll check your chances. Does not affect your credit rating when checking your eligibility. Who is an authorization checker for credit cards?

Checking credit card authorization - see if you are authorized today.

Whilst we can't tell you which of our credit card options is the best for you, a qualifying test should help you make the right choice by limiting your searching. See how likely it is that you will be acceptable without compromising your creditworthiness. You will also receive an indicator of your probability of being approved for each card.

Please keep this in mind, unless it is a pre-approved quote, in which case the annual interest rate, charges and length of time may differ from those shown. We will then examine which quote you qualify for. What is the great thing about an item enquiry? Searching for an offering allows us to make an initial evaluation of your credit record without compromising your creditworthiness.

Information you supply as part of the aptitude test is stored and is part of your complete request. As with the remainder of our website, the authorization checker is secured and secured. All information you give us to evaluate your credit card authorization is proprietary. Conditions for the suitability test and the suitability test shall be our conditions.

Informations and Qualification - Credit Card Verification

The Suitability Test will give you an idea of whether you are likely to be approved for one of our credit card types without affecting your creditworthiness in any way. Introduction prices only valid if you do not have an HSBC credit card in the last six month. Credits cannot be carried by credit card transactions made by other members of the HSBC Group, such as first director, M&S Financial Services plc, John Lewis Financial Services Ltd.

Upon requesting a Credit Card Compliance Cheque, we use your personally identifiable information to advise you whether or not you will be credit card approved. Experian has teamed up with us to offer you a credit card verification service. That means it has no effect on your creditworthiness.

If, upon receipt of your bid, you opt for a full credit card request, we will conduct a full credit report review and affordable ness evaluation. Recognising that we have the right to refuse any credit facility request or to refuse an offering to grant loans on other conditions, we will not be liable for any loss incurred as a consequence of such refusal. Please do not continue with a credit card verification if you are already a client and your name and/or mailing information has updated in the last 35 business days, or if you have not notified us of a name or mailing information update, as this may lead to imprecise results.

Please call us at 0800 032 4735 to review your credit card choices if this is applicable to you.

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