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Do Southwest Airlines Credit Card Comparison: What Is Best For You?

Insider Picksteam is writing about things we think you'll like. At Southwest, Chase and Southwest are offering three common brand credit card solutions for consumers: Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card, Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card and Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card - or just Plus, Premier and Priority.

Even though some may find the Plus or Premier useful, priority is the most valuable and generally the best card to consider. Continue reading to see the difference between the three maps. Southwest Airlines and Chase last months launched a new priority credit card for frequently used travellers, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card.

This new card has the highest sign-up reward of any Southwest card - although it is tiered and relatively demanding - and some advantages that should be highly beneficial to those traveling frequently in the Southwest, such as an $75 per annum credit balance, up to four Upgrade Booking Certifications per year, 7,500 Jubilee Points per year, and 20% return on on-board shopping.

But Southwest and Chase have two more credit card options - the Rapid Rewards Plus card and the Rapid Rewards Premier. Whilst most other carriers are offering a number of discounts on their credit card - especially Early Booking so you can ensure baggage compartment entry and screening - Southwest is already offering free baggage to every traveller so these discounts are not so necessary.

It can be a little bewildering to find out what's best for you with so many all-iterative map choices. Here is an itemization of the three maps. Quick-rewards Plus is the basic tier of the three southwest maps. Concerning the sign-up bonuses, the card provides useful 40,000 Rapid Rewards points if you spent $1,000 in the first three month after opening your Moneybookers Amount.

In addition, each year you receive 3,000 points to celebrate the jubilee of your card member. This card will earn 2x points per buck spend on shopping in the Southwest and 1x point per buck for everything else. This is basically the core of this card - there is not much behind it. It' got a $69 per annum charge that's not remitted in the first year.

Naturally, the sign-up bonuses will help to compensate for this, while the Jubilee Points will help every year thereafter. Altogether, the Plus card has the cheapest annuity, but does not provide a single metric tons of value after the first year. Southwest Points are the best choice if you want to collect Southwest Points on your credit card but want to make sure you get the cheapest annuity.

If, however, you are ok to make a higher annuity but get a higher value from the card than you do in the annuity, you are better off considering one of the other two. For more information on Insider Picks' partner's Southwest Plus card, click here: Premier card is similar to Plus card, with some improvements.

The card has an equal sign-up reward offering - 40,000 points after $1,000 spent in the first three month - offering 6,000 instead of 3,000 Jubilee Points. You can also collect pet qualification points that qualify for the " A Listing " eligibility level. Otherwise, the greatest attraction of the Premier about the Plus is that there are no overseas transactions charges, while the Plus - if you use your Plus abroad, you will be billed an additional 3% on every sale.

Premier's $99 per year charge is against the $69 charge for the plus, but the additional Jubilee Points should generally compensate for this upturn. For more information on Insider Picks' Partner's Premier Card, click here: In general, however, priority is the best choice if you are a South West pilot.

This is because although it has the highest charge - $149 - it provides at least as much value each year and actually cancels the charge. Each year, The Priority provides 7,500 Jubilee Points and an $75 Southwest balance that can be used for shopping such as flying.

Under the assumption that Southwest Points are always 1ยข in value - although you can usually get more value than that - this means that every year you get $150 in value from these two advantages alone, which nullifies the annuity. This card also offers several other advantages, such as up to four Upgrade Boards per year, which means that you can get in early and select your place.

Plus, you get 20% off on in-flight shopping and the same pet qualification point earning capability as the Premier Card. Finally, as long as you are willing to pay the annuity fees, the Priority Card will pay for itself. But if you are completely against the higher charge, the plus and the priority can also be good choices.

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