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Credit card balance is the amount owed to the credit card company. Many credit cards are owned by umbrella companies and yet trade under a different name. Only because a bank or company has its name on your card does not mean that it owns it.

Major credit cards: Whose sculpture is that?

Yours is your bank's credit card, right? Only because a company or banking institution has its name on your card does not mean that it has it. Often these so-called "white label" credit card are provided by a third person... but who? Whose what is it? MBNA Europe is one of the largest credit card companies in the UK.

In addition to its own credit card brands, it also offers plastics for: Liquid credit card. Series of soccer-related affiliate credit card, among them Manchester United, Liverpool F.C., Arsenal and Chelsea. Benefit credit card, among them the WWF, the British Heart Foundation and the Royal British Legion. The credit card is a credit card associated with an airline such as Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and Etihad.

And Barclaycard is a significant card issuing company, having taken over Discover Financial Services' UK credit card business in 2008. Although most of us have never even known Discover before, many of its makes are (or were) well-known names, such as Goldfish, Morgan Stanley and the Caravan Club. Since then, Barclaycard has renamed all these maps to include the name of the Barclaycard, but also offers a number of maps for third party like Sky, Thomas Cook, Argos, Bhs and Hilton Hotels.

There are a number of merchants that offer card services under their own name: a number of merchants: Royal Bank of Scotland has credit card with its own name and NatWest's and Mint. Bank of Ireland offers credit card services for the Post and AA as well as its own brands.

Commercial credit card companies offer both Halifax and Bank of Scotland credit card products, in conjunction with a variety of affiliate or co-branded credit card products. At HSBC we supply maps for our own brands and retail John Lewis and M&S. Genossenschaftsbank has its own credit card and one under the trademark Mmile.

There are also a number of affiliation maps with benevolent organizations such as Amnesty International, Oxfam, the Woodland Trust and the RSPCA. Only because two financial institutions are part of the same group does not mean that it is certain that their credit card holders have the same name. Both Lloyds TSB and Halifax are held by the Lloyds banking group, but as they do business under different bank licenses, their credit card is classified as a stand-alone entity.

While Abbey provides its own tickets, Alliance & Leicester tickets are distributed by MBNA. Is it really that important to know who the plastics belong to? Lots of credit card companies try to get new shoppers to take out one of their credit card products by charging 0% interest on debts assigned by other companies.

But in order to use the service, another group must own the card from which the blame is passed. Failure to verify who has which card before submitting your application will result in your credit not being able to flow as scheduled. This means not only that you are back on track, but also that several credit card uses can affect your creditworthiness.

Doing so may make it more challenging to take out a credit card, credit card, advance or mortgages in the near term.

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