Credit Card Equipment

card equipment

Credit card machine, also known as PDQ machine, Chip & PIN terminal or credit card machine, enables UK business owners to accept debit and credit card payments electronically. What is the difference between credit card machine, PDQ machine and chip and pen machine?

Wireless terminal solutions

Founded in 1958, the company is a leading provider of credit card vending services and specializes in delivering credit card payments to a variety of large and small enterprises. Most of our clients benefit from the advantages and the liberty to do their transactions on the road or in a temporarily environment with our fully portable card terminal.

Several thousand companies have opted for WTS when it comes to their card transactions. Our clients know that we put our services above everything else. With our terminals solution, you can significantly boost your revenue and protect against credit and debit card scams. Wherever and whenever you do your work, we offer the highest degree of secure payments.

Wireless Terminal Solutions prides itself on excellence in workmanship, service, and the conviction that working with our customers close from beginning to end creates a lasting partnership. For four years, Wireless Terminal Solutions has been our sole PDQ machine vendor. In our office we use their terminal for daily use and also rent them for our cash registers at every NEC meeting.

Always available by telephone or e-mail, they are at our service when we are on site at the NEC and provide on-site and week-end tech assistance that is highly valued.

To buy or rent a credit card engine?

Today, most companies need a credit card engine. Do you need an iPOS system with a credit card connection, but can't make up your mind whether to buy or lease? Looking for an investment in a credit card engine for your company? What makes you think you should hire a credit card engine? Rental can be a good option in some cases as it has some precious benefits.

This rental possibility is also suitable for fairs, exhibitions, sales outlets or season stores, as the credit card terminals can be hired for brief durations as a week-end or monthly. If you rent a CPU, you have better support in case of a problem. If, for example, your system fails, the vendor immediately replaces it with a function module.

After all, rental allows you to always have the latest terminals at your disposal as you are equipped with new technology when needed. Which are the disadvantages of letting? However, if you want a long-term rent policy, the rent is not the best choice because the overall rent may be higher than the actual cost.

What makes you think you should buy a credit card engine? Purchasing a credit card processing company is an intelligent option that is seen from a long-term point of view, as the rent can contribute to a large sum of cash after a few month or years. While it may be a little more costly, make sure your new credit card engine is fitted with the new technological trend to prevent a change of terminals in the near term.

Even if used equipment is less expensive, it is better to try to prevent it. In addition, this resolution offers you no further help or troubleshooting. There will always be depending on your commercial requirements and the benefits you will give to the devices. In case you still have doubt and need extra help, you can get up to four free offers from us.

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