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Locate the dauphine leather credit card holder for women in pink. Black Suede, Accordion Credit Card Holder in Smooth Black. Simple, elegant card holder with minimalist style and maximum storage. This card holders have the perfect size, are small and practical. Damascus credit card case with hand monogrammed initials made of gold foil at the outer corner.

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We' re Iron Heart. It is a japonese apparel label specialized in the production of thick denims, coats, waistcoats and blouses. So we have evolved to be equally beloved and carried by cyclists and non-bikers with a great love for style, durability, ethics and the highest level of fabric. Iron Heart designs and creates jewelry, belt leathers, purses and other important items to make your clothes singer.

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The credit card holder is intended for taking out credit or debit as well as travel/issue card or visiting card. Some cardholders have between 4 and 10 card sizes, but some cardholders may even have 16 card slots: in this section you will find a choice of large and thin cardholders from the best names in Europe.

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Today's "plastic" company requires a credit card holder who can keep your credit card at hand and protect it. Often men like a slender purse with many easy access credit card compartments, while females can pick a small bag credit card holder so they can hold only a few maps.

Others still favour a bigger purse with lots of pockets for all their maps and other objects. Select the credit card holder who both meets your needs and safeguards your valuable belongings.

Men Damascus Leather Signed Monogram Credit Card Holder

Damascus credit card case with handmonogrammed golden plastic initially at the outer corners. Manufactured in Italy from calfskin, this credit card holder contains three credit card compartments and a centre pocket for folding banknotes or vouchers. Free monogram service. Type your initially in the field above, with a three-letter limit, or select a doordoodle from the drop-down list.

If you order without a monogram, your purse will be empty. Because of the type of articles marked with a monogram, return, changes or cancellation after order placement will not be considered.

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