Credit Card Issuers List

List of credit card issuers

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Glossary of Bank Cards - UK Cards Association (United Kingdom)

Dealers call the CAC when their terminals have prompted them to do so, or when they suspect a card payment is being accepted. These include credit card, batch card, debit card, check card and money card. Cardholder agrees to process the Card operations (except in some cases where there has been fraud).

This is a type of card transfer where the merchants, retailers or other providers do not have direct contact with the card but the card is plugged into a machine by the client and the card data is checked through an automated procedure. For example, payments may be made at unsupervised cash desks, on phones with card reading devices, or over the web when a card is used.

The card systems lay down the commercial regulations governing the issuance of credit card payments bearing their logos. It is typical that these regulations are applied worldwide to make sure that cardholders' card can be used anywhere. The card systems comprise American Express, MasterCard and Visa. This is a type of transactions where the merchants, retailers or other providers do not have direct contact with the card but the card is plugged into a machine by the client and the card data is checked through an automated procedure.

For example, transactions at unsupervised cash registers, on phones with card reading devices or over the web when a card is used. A prepayment that is deducted directly from a cardholder's credit line when the services are available. As a rule, card issuers charge a commission for an advanced sum and interest is calculated from the date of the advanced sum.

This is a card that allows a card holder to make a purchase and withdraw money up to an agreed credit line. Conditions imply an undertaking to fully settle the accounts at the end of a specified term, usually once a month. This is a trade that has been surrendered by an issuing body to the acquiring body because it has been contested by the card holder and/or found inadmissible by the issuing body.

As a result, the acquiring party will subtract the value of the reverse posting from the merchant's bankroll. This is a series of mandatory code used by card systems to indicate a rationale for reversing a transactions. This is a court decision issued after a judgment which imposes limitations on the sale of certain asset items, such as real estate or transferable stock, and gives preference to payments over other lenders.

This is a single-chip payment card that uses a preferential identification code (PIN) to verify the card holder at the point of purchase and at ATMs. Smart card contains information about a safe computer that is able to save and handle information. MasterCard voucher that enables a card holder to withdraw money at an ATM.

This is the third stage in the credit card process. Once the buyer has received the lot, he transmits it via the map grid, where each sales is forwarded to the responsible issue house. In this case, the issuer deducts its interbank charges, which are divided with the card scheme, and remits the balance to the acquiring party via the scheme.

Klonen is a technology used by criminal companies to produce fake credit card numbers with working, stole credit card numbers. Credit card numbers are often determined by deriving them. This is a prepaid card that may only be used in certain stores that are typical part of the same group or group of stores. This is a type of operation in which the dealer, retail dealer or other supplier does not have direct contact with the card, such as phone, distance or online payments.

An umbrella word for commercial, company and shopping card. Law governing the UK credit card industry, credit card included. In the UK, a new function for credit card transactions will be launched to make cheap shopping faster and more comfortable for merchants and customers. For low value transactions (currently 30 or less) - instead of putting a card into your Chip & Pin machines and entering a Pin - those who have a contactless card can just stick it to the card readers to make the transaction.

Companies that offer card holders a card number enrolment services. Should a card be misplaced or misappropriated, the cardholder may turn to the Card Operator, who will inform the card issuing company on their name in order to impose a "stop" on the card number. Balances are also used to mean a surplus credit amount on an individual bank statement and to relate to an incoming deposit.

A credit balance can be debited with interest, for example. This is a card that allows the cardholder to make a purchase and withdraw money up to a predetermined limit. All or part of the credit may be repaid by the end of a specified term, usually with interest calculated.

This is a check deducted from a credit card bank statement that provides the cardholder with another means of access to money - up to their credit limits - usually for the purpose of making a transaction where credit card details are not acceptable. Up to three credit card checks are available upon demand.

Subprofile of how a person has historically disbursed credit balances that are created within a certain period of years. Used as a guideline to establish whether the claimant is likely to make timely payments on prospective bank balances or not, it is used by credit card issuers to help them assess whether or not to make a credit card available to their clients, and as a guideline to establish the credit limits for a credit card bank balance (see also credit file).

This is the amount of credit granted by a creditor. In certain cases, a credit card provider may raise or lower a credit line. When card issuers attempt to raise cardholders' limits, card holders have 30 working days to review the bid and determine whether they wish to refuse the raise. Ratings used by a bank or other institution granting credit to assess the ability of a person or entity to obtain credit.

Loan reporting bureaus make credit information available to credit institutes that use this information, along with other customer information, to give points on how they are rated against individuals who are paying their invoices and repaying credit on a timely basis. Information stored by a credit bureau about a card holder regarding the card holder's current situation (see also credit history).

Probability that a customer will repay an amount due. We have a wide range of credit ratings with different formula; what they have in common is that they assess risks and try to forecast behavior in the market. Issues such as jobs, incomes, outstanding credit facilities, debt/income ratios, past payments, creditworthiness.

This is a yardstick of a consumer's past credit history that allows a prospective creditor to determine whether or not to grant credit to that particular individual. Last three numbers of the number on the back of the card (usually on the signing strip). An American Express card has four numbers on the front of the card.

This is the means by which the cardholder can be authenticated as the real cardholder.

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