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Services for credit card providers

We focus on UK and EU merchants looking for merchant accounts with payment gateways to accept credit card payments via their websites or Virtual Terminal. homepage The DMS provides a broad array of billing solutions ranging from credit and debit card deposit to localized billing solutions for e-wallet transactions, card issuance and cash flow services. The DMS provides an effective and dependable answer to all your billing needs for customers in all sectors, from retailers to the games industry.

With over 100 years of card purchasing expertise, DMS can help you concentrate on and identity your unique needs. The DMS offers a safe on-line payments system with acquirers and high-reliability card clearance processors, both in the UK and abroad. Over and above the traditional commercial designs and developments, DMS's flexibility and robust bank and credit card expertise enable us to accurately meet your commercial needs.

Merchant Services UK Credit Card | Accept credit cards online

It is our goal to offer all our clients the highest possible degree of services.? Our aim is to be open and enjoyable to work with and we pay attention to your perception of our client services. Headquartered in the UK, our Merchant Services Center is open 7 working days per week so we are always available to help you with your queries.

We have a team of competent and committed field staff ready to act as your first point of contact and assist you with your payments. We offer a full line of merchant services? The UK office of our UK office is available 7 working days per week. Please contact us for further information. All our services and advice are just a call away.

With our local distribution management teams, we offer a personalised approach and help you find the best solution for your needs. Make an appointment with one of our specialist payments agents. It' simpler than you think to take credit card payments on-line. We' re strongly committed to saving you cash and expanding your company.

Our customers get great prices and services and have at their disposal a wide range of unique rebates on our services that will help you lower your overhead. Great Britain is the number one among users of e-commerce services. Every year tens of millions of companies build an on-line web site and all of them want to take credit card payments with them.

If you choose a Merchant Services vendor, make sure it provides a variety of card handling options.

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