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Alternative to credit cards: Which other possibilities are there? Credit card applications - You have searched the credit card markets and submitted your name. Have a look at the credit card options here. In the last ten years, the number of persons in possession of credit cards has decreased by 14%, while the number of persons in possession of credit cards has risen by 45%.

Significantly changing our spend patterns, debt card offers three benefits over using a credit card: Since you have a funds bankroll, it's easy to look at your debt card transaction the same way - as free funds for spontaneous buys.

Due to the availablility of banking deposits and the selection of base banking deposits suited to the most deprived of credit record, credit card debits are available to those who also have a poor credit record. For a more detailed understanding of the difference between credit and debit card, please visit our blog: We use credit card versus debit card.

Pre-paid debt card can be either Visa or MasterCard and can be used in any on-line or retail outlet where these card schemes are used. Pre-paid credit card payments are "topped up" with real funds, either through on-line wire transfer or at a cashier's desk. Buying a pre-paid debt card is a great way for you if you need the comfort of being able to make payments and withdrawals with the card, but are not good at budget and manage your moneys.

It is also a useful option for people who have just emigrated to the UK and who do not have a credit for a conventional banking book in the near to middle future. Dependent on your credit record and the reasons why you needed a credit card, you may be considered for a payment day or a short-term credit.

While this is not the same as with a credit card as it provides a flat -rate amount that is paid back progressively, such credits can actually be a more affordably priced option for a large buy. The PayPal service provides all the comfort of a credit card when making purchases on-line, as well as additional security against cheating and defective goods (a great benefit that no other credit card payments offer - as stipulated in Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act).

The PayPal balance is linked to your banking balance and debits any amount immediately. Today, PayPal also provides a quicker one-click checkout method that speeds checkout. Last but not least, another PayPal innovation is the PayPal direct debit card, which not only works efficiently as a direct debit card to your banking card but also provides 1% cashback when you make a transaction.

Overdrafts can be a comfortable, inexpensive way to make additional money available when needed. Failure to use your current and overdrafts accounts may also result in significant charges to your banks, although there is now a monthly cap on these charges. Last but not least, the last option to a credit card is the easy use of money.

They can still use money to settle invoices at counters even if they don't have papers (provided you have the number of the current accounts and the client number). The majority of bankers accepts payment in this way, even if you do not have an existing client although there may be a fee for this benefit.

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