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Trace and manage your credit card fees and payments. Lost credit card numbers are abundantly available on Facebook. On the page, scroll down to the Credit Card section and click Add Credit Card.

What do I do to get a credit card removed from my bankroll?

At any time, you can delete, modify, add your billing information, or modify your billing information in your ad manager. When sharing either your billing or promotional methods with others, you should ask them if you do not see any fees on your invoice. Frequently in this case, another individual has placed advertisements separately about your billing methods or promotional area.

Click Edit Methods of Payments in the Methods of Payments section. Locate the paymentmethod you want to delete. You will be charged for the cost of your order and your billing information will be deleted from your advertising balance. If you no longer want it to be available in your email address, you can delete it. Touch and then touch Ad Manager. Touch Map Extra or PayPal Extra.

Please fill in your billing information. We will credit your bankroll with your preferred deposit amount. If you can use a credit card but your transaction still doesn't work, what can you do? If you have problems checking your credit card information, what should you do? Adds a billing option to your Business Manager Moneybookers balance.

Touch and then touch Ad Manager. Touch the preferred option you want to make your main one. Recently, if you have added a new billing option, it must be reviewed before you can make it your prime billing option. Touch Create primer. Update your preferred billing option.

Click Edit Methods of Payments in the Methods of Payments section. Next to the billing means you want to upgrade, click Edit.

How come I can't NOT ALLOW a credit card paying option on my FRi?

I CANNOT NOT EVALIDATE i cannot not evalidate a credit card paying option on my FF balance for many years. "I have tried to cover it a thousand stories, Feds keep responding to me with non-relevant answers...... but do you hold the fbi suspension... how can I fix it? Hello, our invoicing team will be able to investigate what causes the system not to approve the mode of payments and from there take all necessary actions to solve the problem.

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