Credit Card Payment Services

Payment services by credit card

CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE SPECIALISTS. Characteristics & Benefits - Merchants & Payment Services The Blackbaud Merchant Services process all kinds of transaction processing services for Visa®, MasterCard and American Express®, which include real-time, lottery, point-of-sale, on-line, "card present" and "card not present". All Blackbaud Merchant Services are included. Blackbaud Merchant Services allow you to receive and directly enter your donation and payment into your Blackbaud solution to avoid duplicate bookings.

In addition, your sponsors can pay from anywhere in the globe with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Maestro, and payment can be made to your organization in pounds sterling, euros (Ireland & UK), US dollar or Canadian dollar. How about if giving money on-line was as easy as collecting your telephone? For more than 10 years, Blackbaud has been handling payment transactions and assisting nonprofit organizations in handling and collecting millions of US dollar to help their causes.

Blackbaud Vault at Vault? encodes confidential information to ensure the security of your funders and avoid the risk associated with the storage of credit card information. Blackbaud Merchant Services customers profit from a uniform system of scam protection. The Blackbaud Merchant Services offers unrestricted entry to a safe, free on-line gateway wherever you can: Blackbaud customers do not have any extra credit checks or other application.

The credit card procedure

To better comprehend the whole dispute management procedure, it is important to fully grasp the credit card handling procedure. In this section, the most important points and stages during an e-commerce operation are explained. If you have any queries about the credit card procedure, please get in touch with your account manager.

Gray arrowheads indicate the real-time on-line operation, while gray arrowheads indicate the offline operation. Consumers choose the card category they want to use. Betrayal detection module: It is at this point that the scam detection operation is sent and, if approved, continues with the third stage.

That means that you have to either reject or receive the back office/transaction by hand. In case the trade represents a high level of exposure (red points), it is locked by default. Transfer data is sent to the transferring bank. Bank data is sent from the purchasing bank to the card-issuing bank to authorise the transactions.

is sent from the card-issuing bank to the receiving bank. From that point, the deal is deemed successfully authorised, so you may choose to approve the products or services to the client. Once the transactions are accepted, they continue with the rest of the process:

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