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During the first few credit card days, the card owner would give his card to a vendor who would then make a picture of it in three copies, often using the stamped numbers on the card to create a stamp-like picture. Third one was sent to the credit card company. Even in the first few day, credit card payments continue to function largely as before.

Introducing credit card processing SDQs eliminates the need for physically stroking the card's stamped interface. After all, those that can be handled with a PDQ have their information saved both in the back side stripe and in their chips.

PDQ will read this information, which means that the once significant issues with badly printed card information and missing stationery are now significantly reduced. In contrast to a credit card transactions, in which payments are processed by the merchant's own credit card company and the card issuing company, a direct debit card transactions is permitted between the credit card company and the cardholder's own financial institution.

The main differences are that a credit card invoice is paid at a later date by the cardholder, with fees charged for delayed payment. On the other hand, a credit card payment will appear on a cardholder's credit within a few short working days, just like a payment in hand. Almost all SDQs or EFTPOS (electronic money transfers at the point of sale) terminals, machinery known abroad, can process both credit card and debit card operations.

Another innovative feature with the capability to receive card acceptances is the recent launch of wireless devices. In the case of a wireless services such as that provided by sumup, vendors do not need a manual cash machine to be able to accept card transaction. anactions. It is a big bonuses for traders who only need to handle occasional card processing for making purchases and do not want to buy or lease their own PDQs.

In principle, it is possible to make card transactions using an application that can be loaded onto a mobile phone. Today, processing a credit card transfer is quicker than ever before. Same fast safety cheques as credit card processing are used for credit card processing as they are now a means of PDQs.

Both can be a means of payments via a portable card delivery system that offers great versatility in terms of choosing the right method of payments and the point of purchase.

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