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Free-of-charge credit card reader | Square reader The Square Reader works with the free Square Point of Sale application so that anyone can make a payment on their smart phone or tray. Register for Square and we'll send you your free Square Reader by post - with no obligations or long-term agreements. With clear prices, you are charged 2.75% per pass for Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Wipe $100, see $97.25 on your checking balance in one to two workdays. There are two different Square Reader models for magnetic stripes - one for a headphone socket, the other for a flash connection - to cover you. Simply select the credit card reader that is right for you. Accept personal card payment by attaching Square Reader to your Apple computer or Chromebook.

The Square Point of Sale offers you everything you need in a free point-of-sale application. Keep up to date with free application upgrades and the latest Point of Sales functionality. The credit card information is encoded at the time of transit. Squares does not save card information on your machine after a transaction has been edited.

Wipe off offline without connecting and charge the normal 2.75% per wipe. With our credit card reader that goes right into your bag, you're free to go anywhere you do business without a rechargeable phone pack. Printing as before. Square Reader for wireless and smart card allows you to access your wireless devices to receive wireless transactions such as Apple and Google pays and smart card transactions.

The Square Reader for magnetic stripes is supplied so that you are prepared to take any payment method of your clients. Do you need another reader? Her first reader is with us. Thereafter, each extra reader costs $10.

Why should I get a credit card reader and what is it?

Nowadays, credit card scanners can be found everywhere, from super markets and pubs to festivities and taxi rides. Which is a credit card reader? Credit card reader is a tool that provides merchants and shopkeepers with a quick, effective and safe way to make electronic payment from their clients. What does a credit card reader do?

These are the checkout steps: The client presents his card or portable devices so that the card reader can see the detail. In this case, the retailer's bank will send a query to the credit or debit card issuer (e.g. Visa) to check the card and obtain authorization for making your purchase from the customer's account.

As soon as the transaction has been authorised by the merchant, a return message is sent to the card machines and a sales slip is issued. As a rule, the retailer's own retail banking institution receives the money a few working days later from the client's banking institution. We have three kinds of credit card reader that allow all kinds of businesses to take full benefit of a payments system that meets their needs:

Handheld or wireless credit card reader is the ideal hotel and catering industry transaction tool for making client deposits in your restaurants, bars, caf├ęs or pubs. Many advantages of using a credit card reader: Card reader queue reduction is quicker and more effective than other means of making purchases, enhancing the overall consumer experiences.

Help reduces scams and gives your company a safer way to accept payment. Paymentsense offers affordably priced credit card reader solution for companies of all types and heights. Please fill out our on-line enquiry to get an offer. What does a credit card work like?

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